Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Aayat and Mariam’s relation to surface

Mariam Khan gets tortured

Aayat gets ready to leave the house. Mariam doesn’t want Aayat to leave. She tries hard to convince Aijaz to stop Aayat. She feels Aayat is a nice person and should live with them. Aijaz doesn’t want Aayat to harm his family members. Mariam gets attached to Aayat. She requests everyone to stop Aayat. Mariam and friends massage Aijaz’s hands and pamper him to make their request heard. Mariam tells that Aayat is really nice and she can’t do any wrong with them. Aijaz tells her that whatever decisions elders’ take, there is always some reason behind him. He asks Mariam doesn’t she trust him. Mariam tells him that she believes him a lot, but has no idea about the reason he is talking about. Mariam doesn’t want Aayat to go at any cost. She is sure to convince the family, as she has promised this to herself.

Aijaz doesn’t change his decision. Aayat uses everyone’s weakness Mariam. She plans to hurt Mariam, so that she can get a chance to stay back. Mariam calls out Aayat and runs after her to stop. She falls down the stairs in an attempt to stop Aayat.

Mariam gets hurt. Everyone rushes to Mariam. Aayat manages to stay back in the family by using Mariam. Mariam is rushed to the hospital. Madiha and Majaaz try to see her once. On the other hand, Aayat makes a new plan. She gives blood to Mariam to save her life. The family worries. Aayat tells Aijaz that she has given her blood to Mariam, when none’s blood group matched with Mariam’s group. She reveals that Mariam is her daughter.


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