Krishna Chali London: Shukla’s wrath to further trouble Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Lali gets scared of Shukla. She has also done a mistake to support Krishna. She fears that she will be punished too. Shukla asks Gajanan to control his wife. He scolds his sons for not being controlling husbands. He doesn’t think his sons are men enough. He tells Gajanan that Lali has shown his value by misleading the family by helping Krishna. He scolds Lali for cheating them. Gajanan gets angry on his wife. Krishna thinks of the humiliating chapter. She tells Radhe that she is leaving the house, as she can’t stay with him anymore. Radhe begs her to stay back. She tells him that Shukla is ruining her life, his parents are insulting her again and again. She doesn’t want to tolerate their crimes.

Radhe tells her that he has done everything he could to save her. She tells him that she can’t survive in his house, where women are considered worthless, where education holds no significance. She tells him why she took part in the competition to get a bike for him, as she values dreams, and didn’t wish his dream to end.

She tells him that she will leave from the house in the morning. She tells Radhe that he has no courage to talk to his dad. She asks him to make his dad apologize if he wants her to stay back. Radhe goes to Shukla and defends Krishna’s good intentions. He asks Shukla to apologize to Krishna, as he has crossed all limits by pouring the kerosene on Krishna. His mum takes tension and thinks Radhe will get beaten up again. Shukla tells Radhe that he will apologize to Krishna. He then insults Radhe and Krishna. Radhe doesn’t deter and asks him to listen to him. Shukla laughs on Radhe. Shukla gets humiliating his sons. Gajanan vents our anger on Lali and beats her up. Krishna takes a stand for Lali and saves her.


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