Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to finally get her parents!!

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Kulfi gets a sweet dream. She imagines Sikandar as her dad. She gets too happy and wishes that Sikandar is really her dad. She dances in her dream, and dresses up like Sikandar. She also dreams of Nimrat and Sikandar as a couple, unaware that they were really married. She sees some happy moments with Sikandar and Nimrat. She gets pampered by both of them. Kulfi then gets a gift from Sikandar. He asks Amyra to tie Rakhi to Kulfi, and make Kulfi her brother. Sikandar isn’t aware that Kulfi is a girl. Mohendar surprises the family by his decision to adopt Kulfi. Sikandar is happy with his decision. He wants Kulfi to agree to this heartily. He asks Kulfi what is her opinion.

Kulfi gets happy to get parents. She thinks Sikandar is adopting her, while Sikandar thinks she is agreeing to Mahendar’s decision. They don’t clear the things. Kulfi gets mistaken once again. Sikandar takes it as yes from Kulfi, when she tells him that she finally got her dad.

Sikandar asks Mahendar to go ahead with the adoption process. Kulfi and Sikandar sing and laugh happily. Amyra learns about the adoption and thinks Kulfi will become her brother. She imagines Kulfi dominating the house and kicking her down the bed. She feels Kulfi will boss around and get all the love. She fears to lose her position in the house if Kulfi becomes her cousin brother. Amyra sees Kulfi overpowering her everywhere in the house. She doesn’t want Kulfi to take control. Amyra wants Kulfi to get her real dad and leave from the house.



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