Jiji Maa: Uttara drives Falguni to knock down Suyash


Suyash plans a romantic date with Falguni. He wants Niyati and Uttara to help him in reminding Falguni her past. However, Uttara plans to use Falguni against Suyash. She hands over a gun to Falguni and asks her to shoot Suyash, before he kills them. She tells Falguni that this is their way to defend their lives. Uttara prepares Falguni for the date and drops her at the venue. Niyati learns that Uttara has given the gun to Falguni. She understands Uttara’s plans and alerts Suyash about it. Suyash doesn’t believe Niyati. Suyash wants to test Falguni and Uttara’s love for him.

He meets Falguni on the date and stays fearless, as he believes his love can never harm him. Uttara stays connected to Falguni via bluetooth. She asks Falguni to kill Suyash some how.

Suyash pampers Falguni with love. They dance on a romantic dance number. Uttara asks Falguni to realize the danger and shoot Suyash, as he is also planning the same. Falguni falls in her words and shoots at Suyash in her defense. Suyash gets unharmed, but gets a huge shock by her move. He didn’t imagine Falguni will have a gun to shoot at him. He gets depressed. Uttara attacks Falguni to kill her. The incident does a wonder, as Falguni recovers her lost memories. She gets mentally fine and identifies Suyash as her husband, which comes as a big shock for Uttara.


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