Simple and handy kitchen tips

Simple Kitchen Tips for modern woman

Today’s modern woman is expected to manage so many responsibilities like housework, profession, and family. Fulfilling these responsibilities is not easy and it can get stressful and be exhausting at the end of a day. Hence, a timely organization of your kitchen makes your life much easier.

Apply some tricks and tips to your kitchen to make it clean and neat.

1. Ginger peel: If you are using a peeler to peel ginger, its nutritious outer layer might get wasted. Instead, use a spoon to peel the ginger.


2. Store green chillies: For storing green chillies, wash them and dry with a kitchen towel, remove the top part and pack in glass or plastic airtight container. Keep it in a fridge. You can keep it fresh for almost a month.
3. Dosa batter: Whenever we make a dosa batter, a smell develops due to fermentation. Always use chilled water while grinding the batter to get rid of the smell.
4. Store curry leaves: Remove the leaves from stick and store in an airtight container, place a tissue paper on the top and close the lid.

5. Salt: It is difficult to store salt during the monsoon season as the salt easily gets affected by the moisture. Keep 10 kidney beans or 2 biscuits in a salt container to ensure free flow salt.
6. Dry fruits: Put the dry fruits in an airtight container and keep in the fridge. It will be fresh and free from insects for months.
7. Sugar: To keep sugar safe from moisture and ants, place 4 to 5 cloves in a container.
8. Potatoes: Keep few garlic cloves to keep the potatoes fresh for few weeks.
9. Wheat (flour): Keep bay leaves in the flour bowl to keep the insects away.
10. Vegetables: To keep vegetables fresh for weeks, cut the vegetables and store in an airtight container or packet.


  1. I really appreciate Telly Reviews for bringing one more section lifestyle for us. I am working woman and these tips will definitely help me out.

  2. In this season, I face a lot of problem in handling the salt bottle. The corners of the bottle will get affected by the monsoon…that sometimes lead to wastage of salt. But the tip given in the article is very useful to me….even I did it and it works.


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