Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal loses his cool on learning Nandini’s decision

Silsila MAJOR TWIST: Time for Kunal to face rejection

During the Teej rituals, Kunal and Mauli fulfill the rituals. Kunal fills sindoor in Mauli’s hairline. They do the puja together. He stays in the dilemma, as he has developed feelings for Nandini. He is much disturbed because of Nandini. He tries to just think of Mauli. He gets protective of Nandini. He turns angry when he learns that Nandini has returned to Rajdeep’s house. Mauli tells Kunal that she has explained Nandini a lot, but Nandini has taken her decision to keep her marriage. He gets irritated with the thought that Rajdeep will torture Nandini.

Mauli feels Nandini’s decision might be wrong, as Nandini looks much sure. She asks Kunal to believe in Nandini’s decision and support her. She tells the family that Nandini has chosen Rajdeep before also and even today she has done the same, she has well-thought about it and decided this, she isn’t a kid now that she will follow anyone’s advice blindly.

She adds that Rajdeep seems to have really changed, and Nandini wants to give him another chance. She tells Kunal that they can’t force Nandini to break her marriage with Rajdeep, that would be totally wrong to end someone’s hope. She wants Nandini to test her love, which would ease out Nandini to either move on in life or stick to Rajdeep. She wishes Nandini stays happy this time. Kunal angrily vents out his frustration and argues with Mauli over Nandini’s decision. She fails to understand why is he getting to restless thinking about Nandini. Kunal’s mum asks them not to spoil their Teej by their arguments.


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