Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi and Parmeet unravel Tania’s suicide mystery


Shagun informs Ishita that Raman couldn’t get bailed the same night. Ishita worries that Raman would be staying in the cell for a night. She rushes to meet him and inform him about the delayed bail. Simmi and Parmeet wonder how did Tania die, why did she commit suicide when their plan was working well. Simmi wanted Tania to fake a suicide attempt so that Raman gets blamed for it. Simmi recollects how she has compelled Tania to fake the suicide and win the game. Simmi regrets that Tania died. She felt the setup will not go wrong. Simmi didn’t wish Tania to really die. Tania was on anti-depressants and couldn’t survive the fake attempt.

Simmi and Parmeet think of Raghav, who had helped Tania with the fake attempt. They try to know from Raghav what went wrong that Tania really died. Parmeet tells Simmi that he gave the right instructions to Raghav, but doesn’t know what did Raghav go. He fears to get trapped in his own plans. Ishita reaches the police station and requests the inspector to let her meet Raman once.

Raman meets Ishita and acts strong. He tells her that he is fine and knows she will do her best to bail him out. Media gets there to trouble Raman by their indecent questions regarding Tania’s MMS and death. Ishita stops them from blaming Raman. She feels bad seeing the way Raman is suffering, when he isn’t at fault. She instructs the family to avoid the media and neighbors who are creating a big issue after Raman’s arrest. Raman and Ishita think of each other’s endearing bond. They miss each other and shed tears. Pihu overhears the truth that Raman got arrested.

She tells Ishita that she will not panic like before and try to become her support. Pihu and Ruhi give courage to Ishita. Ishita bails out Raman. Raman is still a suspect. Raman and Ishita then face a women protest. Raman’s reputation gets at stake another time. Ishita defends her husband. The NGO women blame Raman for Tania’s suicide. Ishita feels Raman will shatter with the accusations. Raman takes a strong stand for himself and his family. He doesn’t want to fall weak with people’s judgement and accusations.



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