Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A little hope for KaiRa’s relation to survive

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa wedding to accomplish

Goenkas get worried for Mansi after her elopement. They don’t want Mansi to fall into another trouble. Suwarna asks Surekha not to worry, as Kartik will definitely find Mansi. Kartik and Naira reach Anmol and Mansi and realize the ongoing police raid in the cheap hotel. They ask Anmol and Mansi to hide before they get caught, as getting their names mentioned after such a raid will defame them. Singhanias also worry for Anmol and Mansi. Rukmani wishes that Anmol and Mansi get married, or a situation gets them closer. Kartik and Naira make a plan and get into a cute husband and wife argument. They try to fool the police. Inspector finds their fight genuine and asks them to leave as the hotel isn’t decent. Kartik and Naira save Anmol and Mansi and inform the families. They confront Anmol and Mansi for checking in at an indecent hotel and inviting troubles.

Anmol and Mansi apologize and tell their intentions of marrying with the family’s approval. They fear that the families will not approve their relation. Kartik and Naira ask them to give time to the families and not take any wrong step.


Anmol blames KaiRa’s divorce for ruining their love story. He wishes Kartik and Naira get back together and set everything fine. Kartik gets Mansi home. She faces the family’s wrath. Kartik tries to manage the situation. Naira gets Anmol home and talks to Nandini about Mansi’s alliance. She asks Nandini to explain Anmol that they can’t get him married this way if he blackmails them. Nandini understands Naira’s concern and values it.

The family have inner clashes by their different opinions. Rukmani reminds Naira how she eloped from home by the fear of police. She taunts that even Kartik left his home and stayed with Maheshwaris as PG for a long time. She justifies that teens elope in such situations. She asks Naira not to pose problems for Anmol’s alliance. Kartik and Naira object the way Anmol and Mansi are pressurizing the family for permitting them. They don’t want the young lovers to cross their limits and do their wishful. Rukmani calls Naira jealous of a new relationship forming with Goenkas.

Surekha wants to support Mansi’s love marriage, and reminds how Kartik had a love marriage with Naira, like the other couple Kirti and Naksh. Surekha and Rukmani get in favor of the marriage and ask the rest of the family members to agree for the alliance. Surekha lashes out at Kartik for ruining Mansi’s happiness because of his bad terms with Singhanias and Naira.

Kartik feels bad that Surekha isn’t understanding his concern. Rukmani scolds Naira for making Nandini against Mansi. Anmol and Mansi have a talk. Anmol assures that he will convince the family. He clears the misunderstanding and tells Naira that he didn’t elope with Mansi, but went to stop her, knowing she left the home being upset with the family. Naira tells him that she will talk to Kartik regarding the alliance. Suwarna tells Kartik that Anmol wasn’t good before, and now they have to be sure about him before taking the next step. Kartik wants to know if Anmol is serious about Mansi.

Naira and Kartik meet their lawyers, and sign the divorce papers. They get upset over the step. Naira clears Anmol’s name and tells Kartik that Anmol and Mansi seem serious about each other. They decide to help the lovers. They learn that they have signed on the papers incorrectly. They ask for fresh papers to sign. The divorce halts. They get a day’s time to rethink their decision. They wonder about the Lord’s sign. Naira learns that Kartik asked someone for Anmol’s background check. Kartik does so on Suwarna’s saying. She feels Kartik didn’t trust her and gets into a heated argument with him. Kartik and Naira angrily decide to sign the papers soon and end their relationship.

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