Ishqbaaz: Daksh and Tia to keep Anika and Payal captive


Anika serves the sweets to everyone with an aim to find Payal. She meets Priyanka and tries to alert her about Daksh. She entertains everyone by her funny liners. Priyanka blesses Anika and tells her that very soon she will find a life partner. Anika gives the sweets to Shivay. When he refuses, she feeds him the laddoo. Priyanka jokes that Shivay will marry Shanno. Shivay tells them that he doesn’t want to marry her, as he can’t handle her beauty. Omkara and Rudra joke on Shivay and Shanno’s bonding. Priyanka tells Shivay that her words won’t come true, she is just kidding. Daksh tells Tia that Anika can never find Payal. Anika finds the cupboard and tries to free Payal. In no time, Daksh shifts Payal to another place.

Anika misses to see Payal. Payal struggles and gets herself freed from Daksh’s clutches. Anika finds the cupboard vacant and looks for Payal in the mansion. She thinks to tell Daksh’s truth to Priyanka and stop the marriage. She gets interrupted by Tia. Priyanka seeks Tia’s help in her work. Payal runs away and finds Shivay near the exit. Daksh pulls her back and takes her out. He prevents Payal from getting in Shivay and Anika’s sight. Anika checks Daksh’s room.

Daksh gets to see her truth. He realizes Shanno is Anika. He kidnaps Payal once again. Anika hides from Shivay, knowing he won’t believe her if she tells about Payal. Anika finds Daksh and threatens to expose him. She pressurizes him to admit his mistakes and not cheat Priyanka. She scolds him for kidnapping Payal and not thinking for her pregnancy. Tia attacks Anika and saves Daksh. She scolds Daksh for risking Shivay and her relation by his problems. She asks Daksh why can’t he handle his problems.

Daksh clarifies that he didn’t expect Anika to take Shanno’s disguise. She asks him to take away Payal and Anika to a safer place. Daksh tells her that he will handle everything, since Shivay isn’t at home.

Gauri worries when Anika doesn’t return home. She gets into an argument with her aunt. She feels Anika is in big problem. Nikhil questions Gauri about Anika. Gauri reveals that Anika didn’t return home yet, maybe she is stuck in some mess. Aunt tells him that Anika would have run away with someone. Nikhil gets angry and thinks of breaking the alliance. Anika and Payal meet, after getting captive by Daksh. They together make plans to escape. Anika realizes that they are captive in Oberoi mansion.

Dadi returns and gives courage to Shivay, when he gets emotional about Priyanka’s marriage and farewell. Dadi explains him the traditions and customs of society. She asks him to perform all the rituals with a smile so that Priyanka stays happy as well. He tells her that he is much saddened in his heart and feels someone dear is in much pain. He doesn’t know about Anika in trouble. Shivay tries to keep his calm and perform the rituals. Shivay tells Tia that Daksh has to keep Priyanka happy, else he won’t spare Daksh. Anika will get Payal home to expose Daksh, which makes him run away from the mandap, leaving Priyanka puzzled.


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