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Krishna Chali London: Radhe acts ill to stop Krishna at home. Radhe gets itching. He gets much troubled. He asks Krishna to call Saajan home urgently. She doesn’t understand the reason and calls up Saajan. Saajan comes to ask Radhe’s welfare. Radhe tells him that he didn’t bath since few days after the accident, he is unable to tolerate the itching. He asks Saajan to help him in taking a bath. Saajan tells him that he doesn’t know all this. Krishna hears a sound from the washroom. She goes to check and sees Saajan helping Radhe in taking a bath. Radhe’s bandage gets drenched.


Anika’s marriage will get a new twist. Gauri and Sahil get happy for Anika’s marriage with Nikhil. Anika gets the shagun from Nikhil’s family. Shivay and Anika’s relation turns bitter. Shivay starts hating her, as he believes that Anika is responsible for Priyanka’s coma state. Anika has no idea about Priyanka’s accident. Gauri and Sahil dance with Anika and celebrate. Anika looks forward to marry Nikhil. Anika greets Nikhil’s mum with much respect. Anika’s aunt gets taunting on Anika and Gauri. Gauri asks her aunt not to be negative.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita have become grandparents. They are very happy and dance with the family in the baby’s naming ceremony. Bhallas rejoice that they have finally got their heir. Roshni is happy that she has given them the happiness. Everyone celebrates the new member’s coming. She stays with her child. She decides to leave the house and cries meeting her child for the last time. She is sure that Aaliya will love the baby as his mum. She gets emotional. She hugs Aaliya and asks her to take care of the baby well. Aaliya doesn’t understand why Roshni is saying like this. Roshni thinks her work has completed and now she should leave from the Bhalla house, her stay with them can lessen their happiness. She doesn’t want Raman and Ishita’s relation to suffer because of her again. She regrets for Ishita’s past troubles. She wants to ensure that everything gets fine in Ishita’s life.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Rajdeep promised to change, but he breaks Nandini’s heart once again. Nandini gets all her suhaag items and burns in the fire. She gets heartbroken. She feels Rajdeep has no love and affection for her, Rajdeep doesn’t deserve her, as Kunal and Mauli mention always. She doesn’t cry for her dying relation. She gets fearless and opposes Rajdeep boldly. She makes a new start. She wants to move on in life. She has no idea about Kunal’s growing feelings for her. She goes to stay with Mauli feeling the house is much positive for her. She has got much support from Mauli. She clearly tells Rajdeep that she will never come back to him. Nandini will stand for herself and fight back for her happiness. Kunal and Mauli aren’t aware that Nandini’s return will change their relationship.

Chakor spies on Colonel and enters his study room to get his phone. She looks for the clues against him, when he gets busy in the party. Suraj and Vivaan make sure that Colonel doesn’t go to his study. Chakor gets Colonel’s phone and uses a device to steal its data. She stays on toes till the device extracts all the data. Chakor succeeds in getting the data and drops back the phone in the tray, where everyone else kept their phones. Chakor takes a big risk for the sake of the nation. Chakor and Suraj have put everything on stake. Vivaan also helps them in their task.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay brings new twists in his life and shocks Mandira. He starts pretending that he has lost his memory. He acts weird and scares Mandira. Vijay is trying Mandira’s wicked plans to fail her. Vijay asks Mandira to feed him the food. Vijay tells Mandira that he regrets for Prabhat’s death. Mandira realizes that Vijay has gone back in time and is mourning about Prabhat’s loss. Mandira runs to Sadhna to take help and control Vijay. Mandira gets confused about Vijay’s drama. She thinks if Vijay is playing any trick. Vijay is doing this to get rid of Mandira. Mandira will know Vijay’s drama truth soon. Mandira is trying to win Vijay’s love and fail Bulbul. Vijay and Bulbul get together to defeat Mandira.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Vishesh and Kanchan get married with everyone’s blessings. Manika plans to reveal Kanchan’s truth to ruin Vishesh’s happiness. Manika spikes the drink to make Nandan lose senses and create a scene. Nandan dances happily and hugs the newly weds. He doesn’t create a drama and fails Manika’s plan. She wants to break Rajmata’s pride by showing the footage video. Vishesh has hidden Kanchan’s truth from everyone. He doesn’t want Kanchan to face defamation. Kanchan will be coming face-to-face with her culprit.


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