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Vivaan and Meera come together to save Amaya. They get into an argument over their divorce. Vivaan has lost his mum. He wants to break his marriage any way. He applies for divorce. Court asks them to stay together for six months. Vivaan doesn’t want to live with Meera. Meera tells him that she isn’t responsible for Pammi’s death. Vivaan doesn’t believe her. He regrets to lose Pammi. Meera gets hurt by the fire sparks. She shouts to Vivaan for help, but he doesn’t stop to help her. Meera gets depressed. She fails to convince him. She fears that their fights are ruining their relationship. Vivaan’s anger gets threatening for Meera. Vivaan gets kidnapped. He gets at the goon’s gun point. He shouts for help. He faces the kidnapper. He is held captive. Vivaan tries to strike a deal and save his life.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar madly searches for Kulfi. Amyra has sent Kulfi with a stranger to get rid of her. Kulfi thinks the stranger is her dad and is happy. Sikandar reaches close to Kulfi. He collides with the man on the road and apologizes. He misses to see Kulfi around and runs in other direction to find her.


Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Aayat tries to talk to Majaaz about taking Mariam with her to Lahore, so that she can fulfill her motive of saving her son. Majaaz and Madiha consider her request. Madiha doesn’t want to send Mariam with Aayat. Mariam goes missing. Some goons kidnap her. Everyone gets worried for Mariam. Meher doubts that Aayat is behind the incident. She doesn’t support Aayat and asks her to leave from the house. She tells Aayat that she can’t take Mariam with her. Aayat fakes concern and looks for Mariam to show them. Majaaz files a missing complaint and seeks police help to find Mariam. Mariam’s friends also sing a song and try to convince her to return. Mariam is kept hidden inside the house. She gets to hear her friends singing and tries to signal them. Aayat instructs her goons to take Mariam away from the house. Aayat acts innocent in front of the family.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj goes mad in anger. He tortures Pooja once again. Rahul and Surbhi get scared of Angraj’s obsession and support him. Angraj takes drugs. He sees Pooja everywhere. He sees Pooja in Surbhi and troubles her as well. Rahul fears that Angraj can speak out his own truth in front of the family. Pooja does ugly makeup and makes fake wound marks on her face to spoil her beauty, so that she can keep Angraj away from her. Pooja knows Angraj just loves her beauty. She wants to present herself in an ugly way so that he doesn’t chase her. Angraj dislikes seeing her and tells that she isn’t his Pooja. Pooja’s plan works.

Jiji Maa:

Rawat family go for a picnic, but their peace gets ruined because of a dangerous tiger. Everyone gets scared thinking of the ferocious animal. The villagers live in fear. They tell Rawats that the tiger takes away the children at night. Suyash worries for the children and makes a circle to limit them. He asks the children not to go out of the circle. Suyash also stays scared for everyone’s life. Falguni finds something fishy. She crosses the safety circle and goes inside the jungle to know the truth. She realizes that someone has colored the cloth.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Yash tries to end Sahil’s drama. He calls the mental hospital to send Sahil away. Vedika and Sahil get trapped in the room. Yash pushes Vedika over Sahil and then calls the entire family there to instigate them against Sahil. Yash plays a game after observing Sahil’s plan to stay with Vedika. He accuses Sahil badly and sends him to the mental asylum. Vedika and Sahil’s mum try hard to stop Sahil at home. Yash asks Sahil to end his drama if he wants to stay back in the house. Sahil gets caught in his own planning.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi will learn a shocking truth about Deep, who is behind her plastic surgery. She gets raging knowing Deep has wiped off her identity. Aarohi is pregnant with Deep’s child. She spies on Deep and Tara. She learns that Deep is again betraying her and plotting her destruction. She decides to expose the secrets of Deep. She develops hatred for Deep again. She is determined to ruin him. Deep is sure that Aarohi will die before she could explore his truth. Deep and Tara team up again, against Aarohi. Aarohi doesn’t deter and gets back to form to counter both of them. The thrill of the show gets back with Deep’s grey shades.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer meets Zara’s family. He apologizes to him. Zara asks her parents to end annoyance for Kabeer. She tells them that Kabeer has restored her respect in Shariah board, and she has forgiven him. Zara’s parents forgive Kabeer and praise him for being a humble man, who knows to rectify his mistakes. Kabeer proves that he is a good husband. Zara’s dad tells them that the main problem is Zara’s resignation. Kabeer asks Zara to decide if she wants to resign or not. Zara’s dad asks her to think of the merits and demerits and then decide for her future.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Rajdeep does a suicide drama and compels Nandini to come home. Nandini learns about his drama and gets much hurt. He returns her mangalsutra to him. He tries hard to convince her to stay back. Nandini doesn’t listen to him. Nandini burns all the memories of Rajdeep. She gets disappointed with Rajdeep’s bad behavior again. She wipes off her sindoor and decides to end her relation. She returns to Kunal and Mauli’s house. Rajdeep was claiming to have reformed after returning from jail.


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