Roop: Shamsher to challenge Roop for being financially sound


Ishika shows much attitude to Roop and scolds him for damaging and making her scooty fall. Roop tells her that he didn’t make her scooty fall on the first place and also he was not teasing her. He gets upset with her for misunderstanding his character on the first day of their college. He asks do you have any other emotion other than hatred. Ishika tells that she has angry emotions and warns him not to tease her again. Her dress gets torn suddenly. Roop senses her displeasure and covers her with his jacket. Ishika gets touched.

Roop wants to celebrate Himani’s anniversary well. Roop tells Shamsher that he won’t take money from home, he will earn money on his own and manage his expenses. He joins a garage to earn some money. He fixes some cars. When he sees Ishika, he hides the fact that he works there part-time. He pretends as if he has just come there and isn’t related to the garage. He gets a video call from Kamla. Kamla learns that Roop is working at the garage. He asks her to relax, as he is doing the right thing. He tells Kamla that he is planning a grand party for Himani’s wedding anniversary.


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