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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Roshni decides to leave Bhalla house. She sees the family dancing and celebrating the baby’s coming. Simmi and Parmeet call the neighbors home and try to spoil the fun. They make the neighbors call the baby illegitimate. The neighbors ask Raman if they accepted the illegitimate child, how can they hide the fact that Adi and Roshni weren’t married. Raman and Ishita get appointed, and defend the baby. They ask the neighbors to stop taunting and bless the family. Raman sends off the troubling neighbors. Bhallas’ happiness get down. Raman and Ishita don’t want the baby to be called illegitimate.

Nani wants Harman and Soumya to become parents. She adds some herbs in the milk. She makes Harman consume the herbal milk. She plans everything so that Harman takes her wish seriously and thinks of having a child. Harman gets restless after having the herbs. He romances Soumya, shocking her.


Roop turns into a mechanic to impress Ishika. She leaves her scooty at the mechanic’s shop. Roop tells her that he will fix it himself. She stays irritated with him. He knows that she will get angry if she knows that he has repaired his scooty. He then lies that he didn’t touch her scooty. Surprisingly, Ishika gets happy knowing Roop has repaired her vehicle.

Imli asks the mental asylum doctors to let her go home, as she has recovered. She isn’t unstable. She is frustrated that she is still caged when she got fine. She wonders why isn’t Chakor responding to her calls. She wants Chakor and Suraj to come to meet her and take her home. She angrily reacts and ruins her room. She tries to escape from the asylum at night, but gets caught by the staff.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Kunal, Mauli and Nandini have fun at the restaurant. They have dinner. Nandini meets her old friend. Mauli knows him well. She tries to bring Nandini and the guy closer. She finds him suitable for Nandini. The guy boasts of himself and his achievements in life. Mauli too praises the guy and tells Kunal that the guy is really sincere, and would keep Nandini happy. Mauli knows that their school friend likes Nandini a lot. She tries to push Nandini towards the alliance. She feels Nandini will be happy after marrying the guy, who is financially stable and famous. Kunal gets jealous.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabir and Zara dine together. Zara realizes that their pre-divorce term is soon ending. She stays upset. Kabeer too stays stressed about it. Kabeer regrets for his decision and values Zara more than before. Kabeer works out at night and stays tensed about Miraj. He doesn’t reveal anything to her. Kabeer tells Zara that he is working out to release out stress, this is the best way to end the tensions. Zara asks him if she is still his wife after first divorce. He tells her that she is his wife. She says its good that I m not with any stranger. She asks him why is he acting as stranger and not sharing his problems. She tries to know what has happened in the meeting. Kabeer and Zara have a romantic moment.

Savitri Devi:
Veer decides to get married to a random girl whom he didn’t see. He aims to fulfill his duty by giving bahu to his family. He is heartbroken with Sanchi’s betrayal to his unconditional love. Gayatri plans to get him married to a dumped girl. However, Pragya has fallen for Veer and wishes to marry him at the last minute.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya and Abhi get emotional after the mangalsutra moment. They reminisce their past. Purab, Disha, and Tanu don’t see her. Kiara tells Pragya about the Sunny invitation and asks her to accompany her with King. Pragya asks her to go and attend the party, and reluctant to accompany her as she feels she knows nobody there. Purab and Disha determine to know the truth about Kiara and meet Pragya. Purab and Disha celebrate their marriage anniversary.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Vishesh and Kanchan get married against all odds. Vishesh completely understands Kanchan’s fears and wants to replace every bad memory with a good one. He loves her a lot. They share a romantic moment. Kanchan has much fears in mind. She fails to reciprocate his love.


Anika faces many taunts by the neighbors when she returns home the next day post her marriage with Shivay. Shivay makes Anika leave the house to take revenge. He disowns her after marriage. Anika gets shattered. She feels lost. The neighbors humiliate her and call her character bad. Nikhil too questions Anika’s character. He rages that she cheated her for marrying a rich man. Anika’s aunt too confirms that Anika has an affair with Shivay, as Shivay stated this in front of everyone. She reminds how Shivay spoke about their affair and stopped Anika and Nikhil’s marriage to take her away from the mandap.


Kritika gets happy knowing Ranbir is innocent and trapped by Malishka. She decides to fight Ranbir’s case. Meanwhile, Arun thinks he shall not hide anything from Pummy anymore and confesses to her that Kritika is his own daughter from his first marriage. He tells her that he left his village and came to Mumbai for work. He then got married to her and plotted up his fake death in his village. Pummy is shattered.


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