Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet continues to harm IshRa and family


Ishita and Raman get happy and share the news of Raman coming clean to the family. The family gets happy knowing Raman is free from all the blames. They bless Raman and hope the matter gets solved completely. Ishita wants to find the real culprit. Simmi and Parmeet get worried when they see the news of Raman’s freedom from all allegations. Simmi asks Parmeet if Raghav has ruined their game. She tells him that they should punish Raghav for troubling them. Raghav threatens Parmeet about informing police about his plan. Parmeet asks him why did he kill Tania, which was not part of the plan. Raghav tells him that he will send Simmi and him to police. Simmi scolds him and asks him to do anything he wants. Raghav gets angry on them and thinks to take revenge from them.

Parmeet tells Simmi that she should have not scolded Raghav, he is mad and can do anything. He gets worried when Raghav calls again. He asks Simmi not to interfere this time. Simmi spots Raghav in the compound. She tells Parmeet that Raghav reached them. Raghav tells them that he will tell everyone about their planning. He demands 10 lakhs from them. Parmeet agrees to pay him money to get rid of him. Simmi stops Parmeet from giving money to him.

Parmeet tells her that they will land in jail if Raghav exposes them. Roshni sees Raghav hiding and asks his purpose of coming. Raghav attacks her. Roshni gets much hurt and shouts for help. The family hears Roshni screaming and rushes to see her. Raman sees Raghav who was about to kill Roshni. While the family looks after Roshni, Raman follows Raghav to catch him and know the person who hired him. Raghav runs away. Raman chases him. Raghav meets with an accident and dies. Raman informs the police about the attacker’s accident. Ishita worries for Roshni’s critical state. The family rushes Roshni to the hospital. Raman tells inspector that he has to go to the hospital and see Roshni.

Inspector tells Raman that he has to answer their questions and help them. Raman denies of knowing Raghav. Parmeet informs Simmi that they got saved as Raghav died. He fears that Raghav left an evidence against them. Doctor tells Ishita that Roshni isn’t stable and they have to make a choice soon, they can just save Roshni or the baby. Ishita can’t imagine choosing either one. Ishita and Raman want to save Roshni, while Roshni herself decides to save her child. Ishita prays for Roshni and the child.


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