Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: New expectancy for Kartik and Naira to re-bond

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai spoilers

Singhanias decide to talk to Goenkas in a peaceful way and try their best to fix the alliance if its possible. Anmol feels the elders won’t help him. He counts on Naira and asks her to help. Naira gets the divorce papers. She sees Kartik’s signs and gets upset. The family’s hope breaks seeing Naira’s sorrow. They don’t want the old bonds to break with such bitterness. They wish Naira reconsiders her decision. Naksh tells them that they have to support Naira in her decision. Naira signs the papers and sends it back. She feels bad for herself and goes away from the family to shed tears. Dadi and Kartik reach Singhania house to talk about Mansi and Anmol’s alliance. Dadi calls her pandit and instructs him to lie about the late mahurat to Singhanias. Naira overhears her. She tries to know what is Dadi up to. She slips there. Kartik reaches her to hold her in time. They both strike a moment.

Naira tells Kartik that she wants to talk to him about Mansi and Anmol. Kartik asks her to leave the matter for elders. Manish wishes that something happens that Kartik and Naira unite. He talks to the kids and lightens his heart. They ask him not to give up so soon and keep trying till he wins. Manish gets hopeful of KaiRa’s union. Rukmani tells Dadi that she has made a chunri for Mansi and wants to keep the marriage soon. Dadi refuses to keep the marriage early. She lies that there is no close mahurat for the marriage. She feels sorry to lie about mahurat, but for a purpose to unite Kartik and Naira. Naira tells Kartik that she has heard about Dadi’s conversation with Pandit, she is lying to the family. He doesn’t trust her. Devyaani confronts Dadi for lying to them about mahurat and playing with their devotion.

Dadi gets angry and tells them that she is equally concerned for Mansi and Anmol. She scolds Naira for breaking relation with Kartik and ruining terms between both the families. She tells Naira that they will lose their reputation in the society, they will become a topic for people to mock. She tells them that she asked for time so that they can make a new relation well. Rukmani and Devyaani confront Dadi for having different intentions and using KaiRa’s matter to refuse for the new alliance. Dadi tells them that Kirti’s divorce matter was something else, as Aditya was a torturing husband, like Kartik. She tells them that Kartik loves Naira a lot and should reconcile if he wishes.

Devyaani also tells that Naira loves Kartik and entire Goenka family by her heart. The family asks Kartik and Naira to reconcile if they want Anmol and Mansi’s marriage to take place. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to decide if they are ready to stop their divorce. Kartik and Naira refuse to listen to everyone. Naira asks them to keep their divorce matter away from the new alliance. Dadi refuses for the alliance and asks Singhanias not to blame her now. Kartik and Naira’s clash upsets everyone. Naitik overhears Nandini and Mohit’s conversation, as they feel guilty for troubling Naira. They don’t wish to have a new relationship with Goenkas, as this will keep hurting Naira.

Naitik tells them that Anmol is like his son too, and he will ensure his happiness, by keeping Naira’s sorrow aside. He asks Nandini to take the decision without thinking of Naira and Kartik’s divorce. Mansi and Anmol call Naira urgently and reveal a shocking truth. Mansi reveals about her pregnancy and asks Naira to help her in solving the big problem. She asks Naira to manage things so that the family doesn’t get upset. Naira tells them that she will handle the matter her way. She decides to call off the divorce. Naira meets Kartik to share the shocking news. They get together to convince family for Mansi and Anmol’s marriage.

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