Jiji Maa: Uttara attempts to kill Falguni

Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara's crimes to get surfaced

Falguni shares the good news with Suyash and Niyati. She tells Niyati about the doctor’s words which changed her life. She dances with Niyati. Uttara gets happy that Falguni is gone and tries to console Suyash. Suyash asks her if she is joking with him, since Falguni is in the room. Uttara gets a big shock on seeing Falguni back. Uttara then makes a story about her bad dream. Falguni gets angry on Uttara. She gets back in confidence. She tells Uttara that she isn’t scared now, she knows that she can conceive and become a mother to complete Suyash’s family. Uttara gets moved knowing Falguni has learnt the truth. Falguni asks Uttara why does she hold so much bitterness for Suyash, whom she raised herself. She asks Uttara not to hurt Suyash.

She challenges Uttara to be ready to welcome a grandchild. She tells that the child will be a sign of Uttara’s defeat. Uttara gets raging and challenges Falguni that she will never let Suyash and Falguni become parents. Falguni asks her to stop her evil before its loo late.

Suyash and Falguni get positive and think of having a child soon. They think of the baby names. Suyash teases her romantically. Falguni turns shy. Uttara decides to kill Falguni and end her chapter forever she goes to kill Falguni. Falguni wakes up and shocks Uttara. Suyash asks Uttara what was doing with a knife. Uttara manages to lie to them. Suyash feels Uttara is really concerned for Falguni.

Falguni understands that Uttara was up to something. She stays alert. She goes to warn Uttara against his vicious acts. The family plans a picnic to celebrate Falguni’s recovery. Uttara tells them that she doesn’t want to accompany them. Falguni insists her to be part of their happiness. Uttara thinks of going as she can find a chance to get rid of Falguni. Rawats go for a picnic. They spend some time and take selfies. They learn about the tiger threat. The villagers complain about the tiger, which kills innocent people and takes children away. Falguni and Niyati get doubtful about the matter. Falguni falls in big risk when she faces a real tiger.


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