Ishqbaaz: Priyanka to slip in coma; Shivay to requite Anika

Anika's mehendi

Priyanka gets worried knowing Daksh has run away. She asks Obros where is Daksh, if they have hidden him and playing a prank. She asks them about Daksh again and again. She sheds tears and breaks down. Shivay feels Priyanka’s life will be ruined. He promises to get Daksh back. The media targets Oberois to know why the groom has fled. Anika wishes Shivay and Priyanka get strength to fight with the situation. She didn’t aim to defame the family by making Daksh flee. She can’t imagine what will happen next. She stays away from Shivay and watches his battle with the media. Reporters get a chance to taunt Shivay over the family’s secret. Shivay tells them that the marriage didn’t break, the marriage will take place when he gets Daksh back. He aims to find Daksh and get him back to the mandap so that the marriage rituals can complete on time. He can’t see Priyanka crying. He asks the security to throw out the reporters out.

Anika sees Priyanka’s big sorrow and gets really worried for her. She wishes Priyanka to deal with the truth and calm down. Shivay sees Anika running away and doubts that she is behind Daksh’s escape. Anika goes to her home and gets to hear her aunt’s taunts. Gauri asks Anika about her whereabouts.

Anika feels sorry and answers her aunt. Aunt blames her for staining her character by leaving her shagun ritual and running away to someone else. She tells Anika that Nikhil won’t marry her now. Anika tells her aunt that Nikhil will understand her. She meets Nikhil, who reacts angrily on her disappearance. Priyanka tries to call Daksh. He doesn’t answer. Tia realizes that Anika and Payal have run away, and this is the reason that Daksh fled. She gets angry that Daksh has ruined her plannings.

Priyanka shocks everyone by running away from the home to find Daksh. Even when Obros assure her that they will get Daksh back, she wants to find Daksh himself and seek an answer from his move. She feels Daksh is in some problem that he took the extreme step of leaving her and rushing out. Shivay tries hard to stop Priyanka from leaving. He worriedly asks Omkara and Rudra to find Daksh, while he follows Priyanka to stop her.

Little did he know that Priyanka is inviting troubles for herself. He gets worried when he sees Priyanka running on the roads madly and shouting to Daksh. He cries seeing his sister’s pain, unaware of the person’s conspiracy behind. He doesn’t know that Daksh fled being scared of his truth coming out. Shivay then gets a shock of his life when Priyanka meets with an accident.

Anika tells Nikhil that she was at Oberoi mansion. He tells her that Shivay lied to him. She tells him that Shivay didn’t know about her presence. He gets angry on her for giving importance to Shivay. He asks her if she didn’t care for his reputation. She reveals that she has gone to save Priyanka’s life. He holds her responsible for the humiliation he faced because of her. She clears out the facts. He gets upset with her.

Aunt tells her that Nikhil’s parents won’t accept her alliance now. Anika has hopes that everything will get fine. She apologizes to Nikhil. She tells him that she will convince his family. Nikhil gives her a final chance and agrees to marry her. He tells her that she won’t keep any terms with the Oberois. Shivay shatters on seeing Priyanka injured. He rushes her to the hospital. Shivay breaks down and gets angry on Anika. Anika tells Nikhil that she won’t have any relation with Shivay and Oberois. Shivay recollects the happy times and feels sorry that everything got ruined because of Anika.

He gets raging to take revenge from Anika. He can’t tolerate the sudden and shocking sorrow that came his way because of Anika and Daksh. He wonders why did Daksh run away, if Anika and Daksh have a relation, or if Anika has corrupted his mind to make him flee. Anika thinks Priyanka’s marriage has stopped and her life got saved now. She is happy that Priyanka is away from Daksh. She has no idea that Priyanka met with an accident. She thinks of forgetting Shivay and Priyanka, to focus on her future. She wants to start a new chapter of her life with Nikhil. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to have any happiness in her life. He angrily hurts himself. Priyanka slips in coma, which shocks Obros further. They wonder when will Priyanka break out of coma. Shivay feels failed as a brother as he couldn’t do anything to protect Priyanka.


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