Mayavi Maling: Shil Aditya’s disappearance to cause chaos


Shil Aditya and Madhumali reach Pranali in time and save her. They stop Pranali from cutting off her hands. Shil Aditya asks Pranali why is she sacrificing her hands. Pranali tells him that she had to do this to save her Maling. Angad scolds Madhumali for threatening Pranali and pushing her to this limit. Shil Aditya asks them not to trouble his daughter. Madhumali asks him did he do duties of a father. She taunts him for reminding her duties. Angad asks Madhumali to get lost. Madhumali enjoys troubling them. Angad gets relieved that Pranali is safe. Shil Aditya doesn’t leave Pranali alone and takes her to the palace. Pranali tells him that she wants to talk to Angad.

Angad and Pranali have an argument. Angad tells her that he is fighting a battle for his clan. She tells him that he won’t win the battle without her support. She asks him not to hurt her family. He strikes a deal and asks her to take him to the sacred lake. She reminds him their marriage vows, while he keeps his demands, asking her to make a compromise.

Shil Aditya gets upset with the series of events. Eshwarya recovers and meets her family. She goes to meet Shil Aditya and realizes that he is missing. The family looks for Shil Aditya and wonders where did he go like this. Pranali suspects Angad and goes to ask him about Shil Aditya. He tells her that he doesn’t know anything about Shil Aditya. He commands Pranali to leave. He asks Pranali to trust him if possible. Pranali assures everyone that she will find Shil Aditya. She gets informed that Shil Aditya isn’t sighted in Maling. She has a belief that Shil Aditya will return to guide her in such a tough time. The family hopes Shil Aditya is fine. They don’t want to shatter this way, as this will give a new chance to their enemies to strike. Pranali shoulders her sobbing sisters. Eshwarya seeks help from Chegu and Antara. She tries hard to find Shil Aditya.


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