Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: New responsibilities to draw KaiRa closer

Yrkkh, Naira meets Kartik and tells him about pregnancy of Mansi

Naira gets worried and recollects Kartik’s bitterness. She feels its important to share the news with Kartik. She thinks she can’t hide Mansi’s truth from Kartik since she doesn’t want to get blamed. Goenkas have inner conflicts about Mansi and Anmol’s alliance. Suwarna is against the alliance. Surekha asks her to call off Kirti’s marriage as well if she really hates Singhanias. She asks Suwarna why is she coming between Mansi’s marriage talks. Surekha and Suwarna have an argument. Dadi asks them to wait till Naira gives them an answer. Naira meets Kartik and tells him about the pregnancy of Mansi. He gets a big shock.

She tells him that they should tell the family about the news. He taunts her for staining Mansi’s name by revealing the truth to them. He asks her why didn’t she tell Shubham’s matter when she is so justified. He scolds her for intentionally ruining Mansi’s reputation.

She tells him that Rukmani can refuse for the alliance if they hide the matter. He tells her that Rukmani will outright refuse if they tell her about Mansi’s pregnancy. He asks her to hide the matter from everyone, else the problems can get worse for Mansi. He doesn’t want Mansi’s life to get ruined. She tells him that he may also get blamed like her if he hides the matter. He tells her that he is ready to take any blame, as long as he can protect Mansi’s respect. He tells Naira that he will divorce her after Mansi and Anmol’s marriage, and then he would not care for his life. He parts ways with Naira again. He goes home and tells the family that they should get Mansi and Anmol married. He convinces Dadi for the marriage. He gets emotional thinking about Mansi.

Mansi apologizes to him and thanks him for his support. He tells her that he will always be on her side, no matter what happened. She gets happy that Naira convinced him. She tells him that Naira will always be special for her. Dadi informs Rukmani that Goenkas accept Anmol’s alliance for Mansi. Rukmani gets happy and informs Singhanias about the alliance talks proceedings. Naira worries that Kartik may fall in trouble if the pregnancy news comes out. Kartik tells the family that he will take up all the responsibilities, he will plan Mansi’s pre-wedding functions. Naira gets busy in her life. Naksh and Kirti worry for her. Kirti wishes Naira and Kartik reconcile and end the divorce matter forever.

Kirti feels there is much hope for KaiRa union. Naksh wants to support Naira in all her decisions. Naira helps Anmol choose the engagement ring. Naira and Kartik meet yet again to manage the engagement preparations. Rukmani gets happy seeing the shagun brought by Kartik from Goenkas side. She feels Anmol has got the right girl for himself. Kartik informs them that they got the next day mahurat for engagement.

He relieves them of all the duties. He tells them that he will manage all the arrangements, and they just need to come. He gets the engagement rings, which surprises Rukmani. Naira recollects her engagement with Kartik and gets upset. Naira refuses to accept rings from Goenkas and gets into an argument with Kartik. He asks Naira to stay away from the engagement ceremony. He doesn’t want Naira to attend the ceremony, thinking she will just spoil everyone’s happiness. Naira gets hurt by his harsh words.

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