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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Bhallas get happy with Adi’s child coming home. They plan a grand welcome for the new born. Roshni finds a way to bring Aaliya closer to the baby, as she wants Aaliya to raise her child. She is sure that Aaliya will prove herself as the best mother for the child. Roshni tells Ishita that she is feeling some pain and can’t hold baby for long. She makes Aaliya hold the baby at the time of aarti. Ishita understands Roshni’s real concern, but doesn’t sense Roshni’s planning. Everyone tries to settle the baby in the family and run around for fulfilling baby needs. Roshni enjoys her last stay with Bhallas.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
KK tells Rao about Siddhant’s threat to him and tells that he knows everything about him which he shouldn’t have known. Rao asks how you will stop Anushka and Siddhant’s marriage. KK tells her that he will do something because of which Anushka herself will refuse to marry Siddhant. Anushka and Siddhant are happy with their engagement. Siddhant asks Gayatri to accept Anushka.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Tai ji keeps Shanti Paath at home and asks Preeti and Naina to wear saree. They surprisingly wear saree. After the puja, Tai ji asks Preeti to click Naina and her pictures. Preeti clicks the pictures. Taiji then asks her to take Naina’s solo pictures. Naina gets tensed and poses. Taiji wants to search an alliance for Naina and needs pictures for the same. She plans to get her married in a simple house. Sameer becomes Devdas in Naina’s love and isolates himself, which makes his family worried.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna returns to her dad’s house. Shukla sends Dubey to jail by complaining about his fake medical degree and unofficial clinic. Dubey gets arrested. He faces much insult and tortures. Krishna worries when she is asked to arrange the bail. She thinks to mortgage her house, but Radhe stops her. Radhe finds a way when he hears someone telling about a wrestling match, where he will be paid on getting beaten up and losing to the wrestler. Radhe agrees for taking up pain in order to get money to help Krishna. Radhe hides this matter from Krishna and goes away.


Vivaan is angry on Meera. Meera gets troubled by him. She runs on the road and gets hurt by a thorn. She removes the thorn from her bleeding feet. She tries to seek help. Vivaan gives her attitude and hurts her. He vents out anger on Meera, thinking about Amaya’s coma state. He ignores Meera. They end up arguing again. She refuses to get lift from him. Some goons chase her. She runs inside the jungle to save herself. Vivaan makes a dramatic entry there and fights with the goons. Vivaan saves her from the goons.


Deva gets to see Chakor when she stays around Colonel’s house to keep a track on his activities. She hangs around by an excuse. She doesn’t get aware that she has got identified by Deva. Deva thinks something is definitely wrong, as Chakor was working as waitress in the party when they lost the important device. He suspects she has stolen the device. He rushes to inform Colonel about her. Colonel tells Deva that Chakor is the one who is helping RAW agents against them by retrieving his contacts. He understands that she has entered the house with a motive to plant that device and extract the phone data. He tells Deva that he will not spare Chakor and punish her for the cheat. He asks Deva to catch her and get her home.


Roop earns some money as a mechanic so that he can celebrate Himani’s anniversary and can give her a gift. He comes home and hears Shamsher scolding Kamla for taking advantage of his goodness. He throws the cake out. Roop comes inside and tries to make Shamsher understand that he has planned the celebration and not Kamla, but Shamsher is in no mood to listen. He raises his hand to slap Roop but stops himself. Roop asks him to slap him. Shamsher fumes and says no anniversary will be celebrated here. Roop says they will celebrate Himani’s anniversary. Palak picks Ishani’s scooty from the garage and delivers it to her address. The Principal cancels Roop admission because of pressure from Shamsher, but Roop takes a stand against his decision. Palak and other students protest against his decision. Ishika also supports Roop.


Preeto gets emotional and thinks of Harman. Harman is ready to do anything to secure Soumya. Harman tells Preeto that he has to earn a living and keep Soumya happy, but he is failing because of the troubles set by Harak Singh. Harak has made Harman helpless. Harman has no money to feed his wife. Harman gives off his gold chain to Preeto and asks for some money. He decides to sell off his property to get money.


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