Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to learn Miraj’s threat on Zeenat

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to begin manipulative games"/>

Kabeer and Zara support each other in low times. They try to become an ideal couple. Zara cheers him up. They have a romantic moment. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He doesn’t know how Zara is dealing with the problems. Miraj threatens Zara again. He makes Zara fall down and taunts. Zara gives him a solid reply. On the other hand, Zeenat tells Zara that Miraj has kidnapped Amaan. She begs Zara to leave the house and fulfill Miraj’s conditions, as its about Amaan’s life now. She wants her son back. Zara assures her that she will bring back Amaan safely. Zara tries to protect family from Miraj.

Kabeer shares his stress and tells her that Miraj is demanding money. He tells how Miraj is threatening of breaking the business deal. He says I can’t take money from my dad, as he has put some conditions to help me. He dislikes the fact that his dad had put forth the conditions. She asks Kabeer to take money from her. He refuses to take money from her Meher. She knows that he won’t take Meher. She suggests him to take a loan from her. Zara thinks of taking help from Zeenat. She hopes Zeenat will help Kabeer and her.



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