Kullfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar and Lovely to clean up Amyra’s mess

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

David wants to get Kulfi so that his wife can revive their life’s happiness. He thinks a child can fill life in his wife’s sorrowful state. Kulfi rebels on knowing David’s lie. She begs him to let her go to Sikandar. He asks her to shut up and sit quiet, else he will punish her. He tells her that he is her dad from now and she has to live with him and his wife. Kulfi prays that she gets saved. David goes for work and locks up Kulfi again. David gets mad and wants Kulfi to cooperate with them.

Meanwhile, Sikandar gets traumatized thinking of the worse. He is trying his best to get Kulfi. Mohendar tries to calm down Sikandar, so they can make a well-thought plan. Lovely learns that Amyra has got Kulfi’s posters. She rushes to remove the posters and save Amyra. She thinks if Sikandar knows about Amyra’s mistake, Sikandar’s terms with Amyra and her will change. She has to keep her family united and secure her relations from Tevar. Tevar tells Lovely that he can help her. He wants Lovely to come back to him. She doesn’t think that’s possible now.


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