Mitegi Lakshman Rekha: Manika to reveal Kanchan’s past


Kanchan sits in the Jhanki and becomes a part of the royal procession. Kanchan performs the rituals to keep up Rajmata’s heart and trust. She doesn’t want to cheat Rajmata by disobeying her and deceiving devotion. Rajmata shows her trust in Kanchan. She introduces Kanchan to everyone. She feels proud of Vishesh’s choice. Vishesh and Kanchan celebrate their love happily with the family’s support. Vishesh tells Kanchan that he will change her bad memories into good ones. He meets Kanchan and wakes up in the morning with much love to leave a good memory for her on the day when her respect got ruined by someone. He tells her that she will now just think of the day as it belongs to their love. He wants Kanchan to get rid of all her fears in life and move on.

Manika picks the delivery and gets the CCTV footage CD which comes from the police station for Vishesh. She gets to see the video and receives a big shock on knowing Kanchan’s past. She thinks this truth will stop Vishesh’s marriage for sure and she should use the video surely.

She finds a chance to play the video in Vishesh and Kanchan’s engagement ceremony. When Kanchan happily dances with Vishesh, a shock arrives for her, when the video plays on the screens and gets seen by everyone. Kanchan fears of losing Vishesh and Rajmata’s love and trust. Vishesh supports Kanchan and protects her dignity, while Manika finds a way to break their forming relationship. Rajmata grants her approval for Kanchan.



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