Tips for cleaning artificial jewellery at home with ease

Artificial jewellery can be very pretty, even if it is not made of precious gems

Artificial jewellery can be very pretty, even if it is not made of precious gems, but keeping it beautiful and intact can be a tough task. Artificial jewellery can’t be used as the gold jewellery. It tarnishes from water, air exposure and even creams and lotions. So below are the tips on how to care for your jewellery, so that they remain beautiful for the coming days or months.

1. Use lemon for the artificial jewellery: Usage of lemon juice on jewellery helps to get rid of the oxide layer that forms on the metal with use and passage of time. Lemon is a natural acid and directly rubbing the half lemon can clean the jewellery and brings shine. Lemon works very well on silver jewellery. Put the silver jewellery in lemon water with salt added, for overnight.

2. Use white vinegar with water solution: Soak the jewellery in the solution and clean the sides and holes with soft bristle toothbrush. Cleaning the jewellery in vinegar can make the jewellery shine and sparkle.

3. Use Olive oil: You can also use Olive oil for cleaning the jewellery. Rub the oil on jewellery for 2 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

4. Use baby shampoo: Baby shampoo is a mild shampoo. It is a good cleaning agent to clean the jewellery. Mix together 1 drop of shampoo and water. Use a soft toothbrush for this mixture. Rinse the shampoo and dry with a clean or soft towel.

5. Use toothpaste: Tooth paste can be very effective for cleaning and brings shine. While cleaning the artificial jewellery, keep one thing in mind that use as little water as you can, as water, can tarnish the shine or finishing of the jewellery. Always use dry cloth after wash.

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