Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to bash up evil-minded Miraj

Ishq SubhanAllah

Kabeer and Miraj have a big confrontation, when Kabeer finds Miraj misbehaving with Zara. Miraj tells Zara that he will give her money and financial security which Kabeer can’t give her. Miraj tells her that he can give any amount to get her. Zara slaps him. Miraj doesn’t let her go. Kabeer gets angry and tells Miraj that he doesn’t deserve to stay in any decent family. He scolds Miraj for crossing his limits. He tells Miraj that Zara isn’t alone, he will always be with her to protect her. Kabeer beats up Miraj.

Kabeer tells Miraj that Zara is his wife, and he can’t tolerate anyone behaving bad with her. Kabeer and Zara will be facing Miraj together now. Kabeer has to return money to Miraj. He bears humiliation and taunts from Mira, and loses his temper. Miraj tells Kabeer that he has done big favors on him and made him a businessman. He asks Kabeer to remember his favors. Kabeer says Zara told me right, Miraj’s behavior changed suddenly, I didn’t believe Zara before, it was my mistake. He regrets to accept Miraj’s friendship, being unaware of his truth.


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