Jiji Maa: Pari’s entry to bring interesting twists

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Suyash and Vidhaan hide the little girl from the family. The girl brings happiness in their lives, but also some tension. Suyash wants to know whose daughter is she, so that she can get her parents. Vidhaan denies to know her when she calls him dad. Suyash takes Falguni away, while Vidhaan hides the girl from them. Pari calls them Papa and cries. Suyash says I m not your dad. She signs towards Vidhaan.

Vidhaan says even I m not your dad. They want to know the father of the girl. Suyash guarantees that he isn’t related to the girl. Vidhaan says even I can give my history guarantee, we can ask dad about it. Suyash asks him to stop it, dad can never do this. Vidhaan says we can check with dad, he may have done such mistake. They fail to hide the baby from their wives. The family gets to read the letter brought by the girl and wonder whose daughter is she. Uttara plans Pari’s entry so that the Singapore trip gets cancelled. She acts good to Falguni, but gets backstabbing her again.


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