Bepannaah: Aditya to realize his true love for Zoya

Bepannaah: Aditya to battle for his love

Zoya gets to know about Aditya’s plan to return to Paris after the party. She confronts him and tells that she made just one friend in her life, and that’s him and says you didn’t think how will I feel after you leave again. Aditya tells her that it is not easy for him to go far from her. Zoya says I don’t believe you. Aditya gets angry and asks her to go if she doesn’t believe him. Anjana plots to separate them and locks Zoya inside a car. Zoya gets locked up and shouts to Aditya for help. Aditya searches for her and shouts. Aditya saves Zoya’s life.

Aditya gets hurt. He tells Zoya that he isn’t able to have food on his own. Zoya helps him and feeds him the noodles. Noor gets to see them together and calls up Arjun to inform him that Zoya and Aditya are having a cute love moment. She wishes that Zoya gets married to Aditya, instead Arshad. Arjun too wishes that his brothers finds happiness in Zoya and forget the bast past with Pooja completely. Zoya pulls Aditya’s leg and tells him that she can ask him for anything if he gives her a loose hand.

Aditya falls for Zoya. He wants to stop her in his life. He tells her that he stayed back in her house just because of the rains. Zoya asks him to feel comfortable and not hesitant to ask for anything. She tells him that if he doesn’t listen to him, she will punish him. Aditya laughs talking to her. Noor finds them an ideal couple. She likes their romance. Aditya imagines Zoya everywhere. He has to confess love to Zoya. He realizes he is madly in love with Zoya. Aditya applies the aid to himself. He imagines Zoya doing the aid to his wound. He then looks for her. Aditya doesn’t tell anything to Zoya, and leaves from her house by writing a note for her. Zoya reads his note and smiles.


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