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    Jiji Maa

    Jiji Maa: Falguni makes the children run away. She learns about the child trafficking. Uttara instigates the goons against Falguni so that they kill Falguni. The goons learn that Falguni made the children escape and catch her. The goon threatens to sell her away. The tiger comes to help Falguni, since she helped him too. The tiger saves Falguni’s life. Uttara gets happy that Falguni might have got killed. She then gets a shock of her life when the ferocious animal attacks her.

    Falguni takes Durga’s avatar and beats up the goons. Falguni gets to see Uttara’s life in danger. She stops the tiger from attacking Uttara and saves her life. Uttara gets frozen in fear. Falguni then communicates with the tiger and becomes a shield for Uttara. She dares to save Uttara’s life by risking her own life. Falguni pleads the tiger to leave. The tiger spares Uttara’s life. Falguni succeeds to save the children, herself and Uttara. Niyati tells the children that everyone has hidden courage in them and just have to explore it.


    Shivay breaks Anika’s marriage by revealing the shocking lies to Nikhil about their relation. Anika tells Nikhil that Shivay is lying to him about their relation. Shivay tells Nikhil that Anika is in love with him and so she has left her shagun ceremony for his sake. He reveals to Nikhil that Anika and he are very much in love and he has a proof for this as well. Shivay tells Nikhil that Anika was hiding in his house when Nikhil came in search of her. Anika asks Nikhil not to believe Shivay. Shivay calls him a big fool. He tells Nikhil that Anika was wearing his ring in her finger on the engagement day, as they got engaged that day. Anika asks Shivay not to mock her more. Shivay shows them the evidence against Anika, and publicly ruins her image.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata:

    Naira finds it difficult to pretend happiness and keep up the broken relations. She shares her sorrow with Naitik. Dadi expects Naira to come home. Naira tells Naitik that she has a right to make her own choices, she can’t do the drama and mould herself for the sake of others’ happiness. Naitik tells her that he understands her, she won’t keep fake relations to satisfy anyone, she can’t live her life if she just spends her time thinking about others. Naira makes a decision that she won’t go to Goenka house. Kirti tells Goenkas that she has come to manage her responsibilities. Dadi and Kartik get angry knowing Naira isn’t coming. Kirti goes to help Mansi. Dadi tells Surekha that Naira should have come on her request. She gets upset and takes this as an insult.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The Bhallas and Iyers prepare for Roshni and Adi’s baby’s naming ceremony. The celebrations get in swing. Ishita gets happy that Mihika is guiding Roshni in baby care. She shares the happiness with Raman. Simmi gets angry when she sees the family members celebrating. She tells Parmeet that they should better run away before they get caught. Parmeet doesn’t want to leave Bhallas. He finds his profits by staying in the family. He consoles Simmi. He tells Simmi that they have to stay back and take revenge. He reminds her Ananya’s death. She tells him that she won’t give up, she will exact her revenge. He gets happy to fool her. He is using Simmi against her own family.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Madhumali gives a band to Angad and tells him that this band will help him use his powers at the sacred place, he will be able to open the secret door to worship Marekeyasur. She tells him that the band will tackle all the problems and ease things for him. Angad tells her that Pranali is too easy to handle, Pranali can never take any step against him. Pranali prepares to go for the rituals with Angad. She makes Angad have the juice, in which she has added the herbs to control Angad. Angad refuses to drink the juice and suspects her move. He then forcibly feeds the drink to Arak to fail Pranali’s move. Pranali tells Angad that nothing happened to Arak, she didn’t spike the drink.


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