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There will be a new entry in the show. Gumaan Singh will be seen. He is the new villain in Suraj and Chakor’s life. Gumaan troubles a girl and tries to disrespect a girl, whom he kidnapped. The newly wedded bride tries to run away. He hits on her head and injures her. She tells him that he can take all her jewelry and free her. He refuses to take her jewelry and claims that he is already a rich man. Gumaan doesn’t let her return to her family.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Anmol and Mansi’s engagement will be seen. Dadi wishes Naira come home before the guests and attends the ceremony from their family side. Rukmani gets happy to get related to Goenkas via Anmol and Mansi’s relation. She always wanted to have terms with rich people. She convinces Singhanias for accompanying them in the engagement. Naira makes a late entry and surprises everyone after Goenkas lose hopes that she will turn up. Naira doubles the happiness. She keeps Goenka’s respect. Kartik and Naira plan the engagement with a unique theme to keep up Rukmani’s expectations.


Mauli and Kunal give Nandini a new identity of a MasterChef. They want Nandini to stay happy. Mauli recognizes Nandini’s hidden talents and finds a way to unlock her happiness. Mauli wants Nandini to live a life with self-esteem. Mauli gets excited and gives an idea to Nandini to open up her cooking classes at home. Kunal and Mauli want Nandini to forget the past and get revived courage to make her career. Kunal helps Mauli and guides Nandini into trying a new foray. He also wants Nandini to move on. Kunal publicizes about the cooking classes in the neighborhood. He tells Mauli that very soon, ladies will step in to enroll in the classes since he has distributed the flyers in almost every house.

Tu Aashiqui:

Anita lies to Pankti once again and puts her in trouble. Pankti asks Anita if Vikram is saying the truth. They have a heated argument about Poorva. Poorva is getting close to Vikram only with an intention to ruin him. Pankti can’t believe that Poorva is following the wrong path shown by Anita. She asks Poorva how can she have a relation with Vikram, knowing Richa is his wife. She asks Poorva not to meet Vikram again. She tells Poorva that there was a big drama around Vikram and Richa’s failing marriage at Dhanrajgir house. She says Ahaan was also upset because of Poorva’s friendship with Vikram.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets into a wrestling fight with Rocky. He agrees with the manager on the terms that he will get beaten up by Rocky and sustain in the ring for much time. He wants to earn money to bail out Dubey. Shukla has sent Dubey to jail so that Krishna gets scared of them. Shukla wants to control Krishna by showing her right status. Radhe gets much bashed up. Krishna sympathizes with him, finding him injured.

Vivaan and Meera go via the jungle way when their car breaks down. It starts raining. Vivaan cares for her. Vivaan and Meera get into a romantic moment when they get trapped in the jungle. Meera faints. Vivaan scolds her thinking she is acting. He says I know you are faking this to stop me. He then realizes that she is really unconscious. He makes sure that she stays fine. Meera undergoes the pain of her injury. Vivaan takes care of her and does the aid to her wound. He tells her that he saved her from the leaches since just he has the right to give her pain. He hurts her heart by his bitter taunts. He asks her not to get happy that he saved her, he still hates her. Meera gets hurt.

Mayavi Maling:
Eshwarya and Garima prepare Pranali to counter Angad if he does any evil thing at the sacred place. On the other hand, Madhumali prepares Angad to worship Marekeyasur after reaching the sacred lake. She tells Angad that when Pranali doesn’t hold any powers, Angad can directly finish the lake’s spirituality in Shil Aditya’s absence. She asks Angad to get hold of Maling by using his demonic powers. Angad lies to Pranali and takes her to the sacred lake for performing the rituals. When Pranali and Angad reach the pure place of Maling lake, Angad turns devilish and uses his powers to ruin the lake, shocking Pranali.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Tara romance. Virat falls in love with Anjali. He has no idea that Anjali is Aarohi. Deep tells Tara that he has killed their enemy Chavanni. He says Chavanni knew all our secrets, he had to die. Aarohi failed to save Chavanni. Deep wants to relieve Tara’s tensions. Deep gifts a new house to Tara. He shows the video of Chavanni’s death and surprises her. Tara hugs him. She believes Deep is loyal to her. Aarohi gets back in the family by using Virat. She wants to expose Deep and Tara’s planning.


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