Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mahira’s marriage to get big twists


Meher scolds Mahira for running away with Rihaan and ruining their family respect. Meher stops Mahira and reveals her affair news to Madiha. They both argue, while Madiha gets a huge shock on knowing about Mahira and Rihaan’s affair. Meher tells Mahira that Zain is suitable for her. Mahira doesn’t agree to them. Mahira wants to marry Rihaan. Madiha tells Mahira that she has to give an answer to her brother Wasim, Mahira can’t run away this way by putting them in trouble. Madiha orders Mahira to go for the wedding. She doesn’t want her terms with Wasim to turn ugly, since they reconciled after many years. Madiha fears of losing her Maayka once again. She asks Meher to convince Mahira and get her for Nikaah. Meher gets worried for the family’s situation.

Meher tells Mahira that Rihaan isn’t a nice guy and wants to marry her only to take revenge. Meher overhears Rihaan’s conversation and gets mistaken of his intentions. Rihaan realizes his love for Mahira and wants to marry her with all his heart.

Meher says Rihaan doesn’t love you, he wants you to elope so that our family respect gets ruined, he will break ties with you and break your heart too. Mahira asks Meher to just stop filling poison in her mind. Mahira tells Meher that she trusts Rihaan. Mahira gets Rihaan’s picture and sees Rihaan as the groom. She thinks Rihaan has swapped the groom and wants to marry her in front of her family. She rushes to check the groom and confirm if its really Rihaan. Mahira gets happy to marry Rihaan. She wishes nobody finds out about the groom swapping. Will Mahira get married to Rihaan? Keep reading.


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