Mayavi Maling: Chegu to consign Agnishakti to Pranali

Angad confronts Pranali

Madhumali gives a band to Angad and tells him that this band will help him use his powers at the sacred place, he will be able to open the secret door to worship Marekeyasur. She tells him that the band will tackle all the problems and ease things for him. Angad tells her that Pranali is too easy to handle, Pranali can never take any step against him. Pranali prepares to go for the rituals with Angad. She makes Angad have the juice, in which she has added the herbs to control Angad. Angad refuses to drink the juice and suspects her move. He then forcibly feeds the drink to Arak to fail Pranali’s move. Pranali tells Angad that nothing happened to Arak, she didn’t spike the drink.

Arak starts behaving strangely, but Adhivanth covers up his mistakes. Madhumali realizes Pranali’s plan and laughs on its failure. Before Pranali could leave with Angad, Chegu comes to meet her. He takes her for a secret meet. He consigns his powers to Pranali and tells her that his powers will assist her in tough times.

Madhumali understands that Chegu maybe passing Agnishakti to Pranali, but nothing can help her when she faces Angad’s demonic powers. Angad gets overconfident and attempts to open a channel to connect to Marekeyasur. He wants to get the weapons by which he can ruin the Maling lake. Pranali performs the rituals. She recollects Chegu’s words and uses the Dev Vanshi’s powers to protect the sacred lake from Angad. Chegu stays annoyed with Eshwarya. He waits for Pranali’s return. Angad gets angered when Pranali defeats his demonic powers. He tries to stop Pranali and fail her. Angad asks Pranali to face the difficulties which he will pose for her. Pranali shocks him by her powers, but doesn’t hurt him, since she truly loves him.


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