Piyaa Albela: Pooja-Naren conspire to defeat Angraj


Pooja doesn’t want Naren to go out. She knows his life is in danger. She points gun at herself and threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t stop. Naren stops her madness and throws away the gun. He asks her not to take advantage of his love. She tells him that its not safe for his life to go out. Pooja and Naren’s flashback moment will be seen. Pooja is his rival in elections. He tells her that she has no right to stop him from going on his campaign. She tries to explain that he will fall in big risk. He asks her what new game is she playing now. Pooja loves him a lot. She can’t see him getting trapped by Angraj. Pooja then shows him the evidence and proves that Angraj is alive. Naren gets a big shock.

Angraj plans to marry Pooja. He wants Naren to marry Mahek. Pooja and Mahek get together to save themselves from wrong marriages. Naren assures Pooja that Angraj can’t do wrong with them this time. He apologizes for not believing her before. Satish informs Pooja that Angraj is coming to meet her. Naren makes a rush to trick Angraj. Angraj and Pooja’s marriage gets a twist, as Pooja gets married to Naren by facing all the difficulties.


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