Shakti: Harman finds a suitable way to trick Nani


Harman and Soumya start a new business to earn a living. Soumya cooks food, while Harman sells off the food by marketing strategies. He tells everyone that the Pulao is really yummy and at a cheaper price. He sells the home made Pulao. Preeto and Nani come to the temple and see them selling Pulao. Nani gets upset. She says Harman told me that they are going to temple, why did they come here to sell Pulao, what’s the matter. Preeto says I have no idea about them. Nani goes to scold Harman.

She confronts Harman and asks him what’s the need to get his wife on roads and sell the food, is he poor, does he belong to any low class family. Harman tells Nani that he is finding it tough to keep his family running smooth. He tells that he has no money, he is doing this to earn money. They trick Nani and show that they are short of money, and they can’t afford to have a baby in this tough phase. Nani understands their financial problem. She scolds them for ruining the family respect this way. She asks them to wrap up the food stall and come home so that they can find some solution to their financial instability.


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