Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to finally get free from David

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Kulfi and Sikandar stay close, and miss to see each other. Sikandar yearns to meet her. David gets his wife and Kulfi to the church. Sikandar comes there and prays that he finds Kulfi. He doesn’t see Kulfi in front of him. They have a hit and miss. David thinks Kulfi will complete his family. He commands Kulfi to accept Suzanne as his mum. Neighbor gets happy that Suzanne came to church after a long time. She wishes Suzanne recovers soon. Kulfi learns Suzanne’s problems. She prays for Suzanne. Kulfi wishes she meets Sikandar once. Kulfi learns that David isn’t her dad and wants to get free from him.

Kulfi and Sikandar have the same prayer, that’s to meet each other. Sikandar expresses his pain by his tears. He then pleads with the people in the church to help him unite with his child Kulfi. Kulfi’s innocent prayers get answered soon. She hears Sikandar. She gets locked up in the confession chamber by David. David tries hard to stop Kulfi. When Sikandar cries out his pain and gets emotionally pleading, his emotions melt David’s heart. David lets Kulfi free. He values Sikandar’s feelings. Kulfi convinced Suzanne to change David’s decision. Suzanne tells David that even though they lost their son, they can’t cage any child.



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