Jiji Maa: Niyati and Vidhaan’s marriage to face jitters

Jiji Maa: Niyati to save Falguni's life

Vidhaan gets trapped by Chiku’s entry. Niyati is shattered on learning that Vidhaan is Chiku’s father. She gets heartbroken. Vidhaan meets Naina, his ex-girlfriend. Niyati and Vidhaan have a confrontation. Uttara takes a decision. She wants to name all the property to Niyati, so that she can do justice with Niyati. She tells Suyash and Falguni that Vidhaan did a mistake, if his ex claims his property for the girl, what will happen to Niyati. She tries to secure Niyati’s future. She calls a lawyer home to transfer the property. Everyone loses belief in Vidhaan. There is much drama in the house. Uttara tells them that she has signed the legal papers and named few companies to Niyati.

Vidhaan asks Naina ex to tell them that he is not Chiku’s father. He asks her why is she troubling him. She slaps him and reminds his misdeed. He accepts his mistake and apologizes to her. Vidhaan asks Naina if Chiku is his daughter. She reveals to Vidhaan that she didn’t get married till now, she isn’t Chiku’s mother.

The family gets confused. Vidhaan asks aren’t you Chiku’s mum. Naina says I was never pregnant, I always focused on my career. Chiku tells them that Naina isn’t her mum. Falguni wonders who left the letter at home. Naina tells Vidhaan that he should enquire with his past girlfriends. Niyati gets angry and decides to divorce Vidhaan. Niyati gets support from Uttara. She refuses to get any property. She just wants assurance that Vidhaan is loyal to her. She gets frustrated knowing about Vidhaan’s past.


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