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Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz permits Mariam to go to Lahore with Aayat. Majaaz also wants to go with Mariam and Aayat. Aayat doesn’t want Majaaz to come along. She plans to do something to stop Majaaz from accompanying them. Majaaz tells Madiha that he will be going with Mariam, and there is nothing to worry about. Madiha doesn’t trust Aayat and gets worried. Madiha fears to lose Mariam. Aayat wants to get Mariam for saving Jibraan’s life. After Mahira and Zain’s marriage, Aayat will be taking away Mariam with her.


Roop and Ishika have a clash. Ishika throws water on his face and yells at him in front of the college mates. Ishika humiliates Roop. Roop can’t tolerate this. He gets angry and gives her an answer. Their arguments continue. He speaks against her family. She asks him not to take their argument towards her family.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Kulfi and Sikandar stay close, and miss to see each other. Sikandar yearns to meet her. David gets his wife and Kulfi to the church. Sikandar comes there and prays that he finds Kulfi. He doesn’t see Kulfi in front of him. They have a hit and miss. David thinks Kulfi will complete his family. He commands Kulfi to accept Suzaine as his mum. Neighbor gets happy that Suzaine came to church after a long time. She wishes Suzaine recovers soon . Kulfi learns Suzaine’s problems. She prays for Suzaine. Kulfi wishes she meets Sikandar once. Kulfi learns that David isn’t her dad and wants to get free from him.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira tries to strike a deal with Vijay to get the chip. Vijay spikes Mandira’s drink and makes her unconscious. Vijay finds the chip and gets free from Mandira’s blackmailing. Vijay solves Vasu’s problems completely. He gets the MMS from Mandira and frees Vasu from all the tensions. Vasu gets happy and thankfully hugs Vijay and Bulbul. Her happiness gets restored. Vasu apologizes as Mandira was blackmailing Vijay because of her. Vijay gives the memory chip to Vasu. Bulbul encourages Vasu to get free of her sorrow. Vasu cries and ruins the chip. Vijay asks Vasu to be responsible for her life and focus on her future. Vijay tells Bulbul that Mandira is out of their lives, and now they are free to stay happy. Bulbul gets relieved.

Jiji Maa:

Vidhaan gets trapped by Chiku’s entry. Niyati is shattered on learning that Vidhaan is Chiku’s father. She gets heartbroken. Vidhaan meets Naina, his ex-girlfriend. Niyati and Vidhaan have a confrontation. Uttara takes a decision. She wants to name all the property to Niyati, so that she can do justice with Niyati. She tells Suyash and Falguni that Vidhaan did a mistake, if his ex claims his property for the girl, what will happen to Niyati. She tries to secure Niyati’s future. She calls a lawyer home to transfer the property. Everyone loses belief in Vidhaan. There is much drama in the house. Uttara tells them that she has signed the legal papers and named few companies to Niyati.

Mayavi Maling:

Angad compels Pranali to remove the Agnishakti boundary. Pranali removes the fire ring, which makes Angad free to reach to Marekeyasur and get his first weapon. Angad asks Marekeyasur to pass his first weapon, through which he will ruin Maling. Angad makes Pranali away so that she doesn’t witness the weapon. Pranali gets to see the weapon flashing. Pranali recalls Chegu and Eshwarya’s conversation. She worries that Marekeyasur will kill as she has seen the demonic weapon. Angad gets his hands on the weapon. He finds Pranali unconscious and gets her back to the palace.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Roshni gets upset with the neighbors’ taunts. Raman and Ishita ask Roshni not to take anyone’s harsh comments on her heart and celebrate. The Bhallas carryout the baby’s naming ceremony. Roshni tells Ishita that she isn’t feeling well and wants to rest. She goes to her room and packs her bags to leave Bhalla house. She wants to repent for her mistakes. She doesn’t want Bhallas to suffer because of her. Parmeet tells Simmi that he has played his next move to trap Raman and Ishita.


Vivaan gets stuck in the police station, when Meera leaves him in the mess. Vivaan and Meera’s distance gets on increasing. Meera does a drama to stop Vivaan. She asks the inspector to help her and lock up Vivaan. Vivaan gets frustrated and breaks the barriers to run away. He tricks the constable and escapes. Meera follows Vivaan to stop him.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi learns about Virat and Anjali’s past relation. She realizes that Virat was in love with Anjali, whose face she has got after the plastic surgery. Aarohi meets Virat to get clues. Virat gets glad to meet Anjali and romances with her. Aarohi feels disgusting while faking the new identity. She tries to attack Virat. She finds out that Deep is the one who has killed Chavanni. She gets much affected by Deep’s cruelty on the child. Deep sees Tara getting insecure. He tells Tara that he is doing everything for her, and still he is failing to end her insecurities. Deep tells her that he has killed Chavanni and now no one can expose their truth. Aarohi believes Deep has killed Chavanni.

Tabassum orders Muskaan to leave her studies. She wants Muskaan to dance on her fingers and forget Aarti. Muskaan wears the ghungroos on Tabassum’s orders. She gets adamant to study ahead as per Aarti’s wish. Muskaan wants to get educated and change her future. Tabassum wants Muskaan to become the future of the brothel. Muskaan outright refuses to give up the battle.


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