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Harman couldn’t bear to see Soumya hungry and goes to Harak Singh. He offers all his property to him and asks him to let them make food in his kitchen. He tells that his wife is hungry and he can’t bear her hunger. Harak Singh lets him cook in the kitchen in exchange of his property. Soumya gets touched with his love. Harman makes her have food. Soumya hugs him. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can do anything for her.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla has defeated Krishna by trapping Dubey in the fraud case. Krishna cries and asks Shukla to spare her dad. She apologizes to him. She asks Shukla to take back the complaint. Shukla tells his wife that he has done this big thing and taught Krishna a lesson of lifetime which the entire family failed to do, Krishna will never raise her voice against them now. Krishna begs him for help. Shukla boasts of himself when Krishna folds hands and weeps. He makes fun of her helplessness. He tells Krishna that she has to obey them and not throw tantrums in the house again. He makes Krishna repeat after him, that she has accepted her defeat. He asks her to accept that he is the Lord of the house. Krishna repeats his words.

Savitri Devi:
Kusum sends Kabir and Sanchi out to meet their relatives. While coming back, Kabir stops the car and gets icecream for them. Veer is with his friends there and is drunk. He accuses Sanchi for ruining his life. Kabir comes with icecream cones in his hand. Veer says you are enjoying after making fun of my life. He makes the icecream fall on Kabir’s clothes and laughs. Veer gets kiddish to trouble Kabir.

Jiji Maa:

Vidhaan and Niyati face a bad time. Niyati tells Falguni that she will divorce Vidhaan. Falguni tries to save Niyati’s marriage. She tells Uttara that she will not let Chiku go to police station, she isn’t an orphan, she will find her parents. Falguni finds Chiku’s mum and asks her to tell the truth, who is Chiku’s father. Vidhaan says I don’t know even this woman. The lady Shreya gives them a shock and blames Suyash. She tells Falguni that Suyash is Chiku’s father, Suyash was her college mate and they had much friendship. Falguni doesn’t believe this and scolds Shreya for lying.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

After Parmeet and Raman’s fight, Ishita learns another shock. She wants the family to have happiness raining without any clouds of sorrow. The entire Bhalla family reach the hospital knowing about Raghav’s daughter. Ishita stays tensed and tries to know if the girl is recovering. She wants the girl to survive, so that an innocent life gets saved. Raghav’s daughter is the witness of Parmeet’s crimes. Parmeet traps Raman once again. Ishita gets worried by the new problems cropping for them. She doesn’t want Raman to suffer more. She wishes Simmi’s hatred ends and she gets some sense, as Raman is her protective brother, not her enemy. Raghav’s daughter is rushed to the hospital by Simmi. Simmi wants to save the girl, and thinks of Ananya’s death.


Palak plans a new mischief. Principal doesn’t let Roop come in the college campus. Palak targets the principals and gets the posters with joke on principal. When Roop learns Palak’s plan, he removes all the posters and gets new ones with positive comments about the principal. Palak gets a shock when she sees the different posters. She wanted to teach a lesson to the principal by making students mock him, so that Roop can get an entry in the college again. Roop asks Palak not to disrespect anyone, especially elders and teachers, who are equal to their parents. Principal gets to see the posters, when he finds the students gathered at the spot.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

When Rajdeep creates a havoc at Kunal’s house, Nandini gets brave to defend Kunal. She tells the inspector that Kunal is her savior, Kunal took a stand for her respect when Rajdeep tried to humiliate her by the MMS. She tells the police about Rajdeep’s misdeeds. Nandini doesn’t get scared of Rajdeep, as she has transformed into a bold person now. She stays strong and tells the inspector how Rajdeep leaked her picture publicly to humiliate her. She tells Rajdeep that his misdeeds can’t break her down now, as she has moved on, thanks to her best friends Mauli and Kunal. She upsets Rajdeep by her verbal statements. Later, Nandini thanks Kunal and starts regarding him as her bestie, since he is very supportive.


After Anika’s big humiliation chapter, Omkara and Rudra get Anika to the Oberoi mansion. Shivay gets tempered on seeing Anika home. He asks Anika how did she come here. Omkara tells him that they got Anika here, as Anika is the bahu of the family. Dadi asks Shivay if this is true. Omkara tells Dadi that this is true, as Shivay has married Anika in the temple last night. Shivay asks them what’s the proof that he got married to Anika. He asks Anika if she can produce some evidence for their marriage. He denies to accept Anika. He asks Dadi not to come in Anika’s words, such mangalsutras come cheap in the market. Dadi scolds him for thinking low.


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