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Kumkum Bhagya:
Aaliya and Tanu insult Pragya during Purab and Disha’s wedding anniversary. Aaliya remarks that Pragya is glowing remembering her past love with Abhi. Pragya sees King looking at her and doesn’t respond to Aaliya. Tanu challenges Pragya to prove that she has moved on and asks her to dance with King. Meanwhile, King meets Abhi in the party and tells that he wants to know what Pragya told him that he wanted to break the contract in Mr. Wick’s office. Abhi replies to him that he doesn’t want to answer him. He asks Pragya for dance and takes her to the dance floor. Abhi and Pragya have a romantic dance. King senses Pragya is hiding something from him, seeing her rapport with everyone.

Kundali bhagya:
Prithvi and Sherlyn threaten to kill Dr. Seema and asks her to leave the city. Dr. Seema is scared and agrees to leave. Karan and Preeta come to Dr. Seema’s house while the latter is ready with her baggage to leave the city. Prithvi hears them and tells Sherlyn that their enemies have come. Karan and Preeta want to prove their innocence and expose Sherlyn.

Ishika splashes water on Roop’s face and asks how dare you to spread fake rumors about my family. Roop says he respects family whoever it is, and says he will prove his innocence to her. Shamsher asks Roop what to answer to Jigna’s husband and asks him to say. Roop attends the call and says Jigna will go to her sasural. Jigna gets upset. Roop puts forth a condition before Shamsher shockingly.

Aditya and Zoya come closer after he rescues her. They have an emotional hug. Aditya realizes Zoya’s place in his life. They take shelter somewhere, he covers her with his jacket. They light the bonfire to warm up the place. Aditya and Zoya have a romantic moment. Aditya realizes Zoya and he are made for each other, they are the real soul mates.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Mamta worries about Rithvik and says something will change. Sanchi shares her doubt about Puris. Goon catches Palak near the cliff and tells that he is tired of their love story. Palak asks Rithvik to go and not to worry about her. Rithvik stands shocked when the other goons catch hold of him. Palak pushes the goon. Goon shoots at Palak and she falls from the cliff. Rithvik gets shattered witnessing this.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: After the engagement, Rukmani learns that Mansi is pregnant. Naira tells Mansi that she shouldn’t dance or walk fast in the state of pregnancy. Rukmani will learn this truth by overhearing their conversation. Rukmani will be making a big issue of the news.

Suraj attempts to save Chakor’s life. Colonel asks Suraj to shoot Chakor, but Suraj catches Colonel instead. Suraj knows Chakor is badly trapped. He gets helpless when Colonel’s goons surround Chakor and threaten of killing her. Suraj asks the goons to keep the guns if they want Colonel to be safe. Both Suraj and Chakor will get caught.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Family members get worried seeing Sameer missing from home. Sameer goes to market and brings wood slippers for himself meant to wear in pilgrimage. He has changed himself completely and wants to get rid of worldly things. He returns back home. Mama ji and Mami ask where did he go? Sameer shows the slippers and says he went to buy the thing needed by him. Munna and Pandit get worried for him. Meanwhile, Naina’s engagement is fixed with Sharad, a CA trainee. Mama ji and Mami decide to take him out to cheer him up and tells about their anniversary. They take him out to celebrate.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

KK tells Gayatri that even he is not happy with Anushka and Siddhant’s marriage like she is not happy and doesn’t want this marriage to happen. He says Anushka will come to mandap, but Siddhant shall not arrive at the mandap, if he comes to the mandap then he will kill Siddhant like he killed Prabhakar. Gayatri is shocked, and puja plate falls down from her hand. She is shocked to hear the confession and the threat from KK’s mouth. Gayatri calls Anushka and asks her not to marry Siddhant, and tells that she wants to see him alive. Anushka gets tensed and gets worried thinking about what could be the matter.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj comes to know about Naren and Pooja’s meeting. He brings Pooja to the tribe and beats Naren. He proposes Pooja to marry duplicate Naren Vyas, leaving her husband. Pooja cries and couldn’t bear to see Naren hurt. Naren feels helpless, but can’t take out his anger on Angraj. Angraj plans to make Naren marry Mahek to help Svetlana and also he wants Pooja to forget Naren after he becomes someone else’s husband.

Kunal thinks he is ready to do anything to see the smile on Nandini’s face. He asks Nandini if she can handle ten students at once in her class. Nandini says she will try. Kunal says the first step towards success is trying. Nandini says its important that you trust me, and secondly, the support of yours and everyone. They both turn to go and look at each other. Nandini gets close to realize her feelings for Kunal.


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