Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina’s tangled love tale


Family members get worried seeing Sameer missing from home. Sameer goes to market and brings wood slippers for himself meant to wear in pilgrimage. He has changed himself completely and wants to get rid of worldly things. He returns back home. Mama ji and Mami ask where did he go? Sameer shows the slippers and says he went to buy the thing needed by him. Munna and Pandit get worried for him. Meanwhile, Naina’s engagement is fixed with Sharad, a CA trainee. Mama ji and Mami decide to take him out to cheer him up and tells about their anniversary. They take him out to celebrate.

Naina comes to the same place with her and Sharad’s family. Tai ji introduces Sameer to Sharad and tells him about Bholuram Sameer. She then introduces Sharad as Naina’s fiancé. Sameer gets shattered and couldn’t bear to see her with someone else. Meanwhile, Anand and Bela are not happy with Naina’s alliance and want her to complete her studies, but Rakesh is eager to unburdened his daughter. Sameer congratulates and taunts Naina. He confronts her for betraying him. Both Naina and Sameer feel pain. Naina is hurt to see Sameer’s Devdas look, but doesn’t have the courage to accept her feelings for Sameer. Munna and Pandit couldn’t see Sameer in pain.


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