Mayavi Maling: Pranali’s extreme powers to get fatal for Angad


Angad apologizes to Madhumali for his rude behavior. She tells him that she knows his anger well, she didn’t feel bad of anything. She tells him that she suspects Pranali to gain powers from Dev Vanshi’s Lord. She fears that their demon clan may lose their existence. She tells him about Paramdev. Angad doesn’t think this is true. Madhumali tells him that Pranali has possessed powers from Lord. Eshwarya and Garima tell Pranali whatever happened with Angad and Madhumali. Garima gets glad as the evil duo deserved this. They wish Shil Aditya returns to them. The sisters become each other’s strength in such a tough time. Angad tells Madhumali that Pranali can’t hurt him intentionally. She tells him that Pranali has done everything with a well-thought plan. She asks him not to go to Pranali again.

Angad tells her that Pranali won’t hurt him. He meets Pranali and asks her to either choose her sisters or him. Pranali tells her sisters that Angad won’t harm her, she feels safe with him. Angad gets insulted by her sister. He asks Pranali to make a choice.

Pranali tells him that he is more dear to him. He asks her to fulfill a wife’s duty. When he finds her in dilemma, he gets heartbroken and tells her that he will decide to ease things for her, he will get away from her and leave her with the family. He blames Pranali for attacking him and his mum, and breaking his trust. Pranli attacks on Angad once again and leaves him injured. The family worries for Angad. Madhumali learns about Angad’s injury and rushes to heal him. She uses her powers to heal her son. Angad doesn’t break his unconscious state. Madhumali gets weak after implying all her powers to revive Angad. She succeeds in getting him back to life. Pranali apologizes to Angad for hurting him. Madhumali falls sick after his recovery. Angad gets a huge shock.


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