Silsila’s big twist: Nandini to realize love for Kunal

Silsila: Kunal's hearty apology to Nandini

Nandini and Kunal reach the temple by getting saved from the storm. Nandini recalls the moments when Kunal saved her life and supported her. She thinks Kunal has done a lot for her, and became her good friend. The saint tells her that she will get much happiness in future, she will find true love and a true life partner. He gives her signs about Kunal. She closes eyes and thinks for her bright future. When she opens eyes, she sees Kunal in front. He holds her hand and takes her. She realizes she respects Kunal and also some feelings. She gets affected on realizing her feelings for Kunal.

A storm begins in her heart. She gets reluctant. Kunal and Nandini complete the rituals. Pandit praises their courage, determination and values. He thinks they are a couple and blesses them to be always together. Nandini and Kunal realize they have something more than friendship, but they both deny.

Kunal fights with his dilemmas and suppresses his feelings. He wants to save his marriage with Mauli, as he loves her a lot. Nandini gets attracted towards Kunal. She realizes she has started loving Kunal. She gets worried for the growing feelings for Kunal. Kunal thinks he should be with Mauli, and he shouldn’t take any wrong step in life. He limits himself. Nandini also wants to control her feelings, as she also cares for Mauli’s marriage.

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