Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar’s emotions to revive Kulfi

Sikandar to revive Kulfi

Kulfi gets critical. Sikandar rushes inside the operation theatre to see her. He gets shattering seeing the tense situation. He requests Kulfi to come back to him. Kulfi dreams of Nimrat and going to heaven to live with Nimrat. She drops her will to live and gets leaving the world. Sikandar hears the doctors and nurse struggling to save Kulfi. He goes to Kulfi and apologizes to her. He asks her to get back to live. He sings a song for Kulfi to revive her. He wants Kulfi to get conscious. He knows music is everything for Kulfi. He asks Kulfi to give him Guru Dakshina by getting conscious. Nurse asks Sikandar to go out, he can’t be inside the OT during the operation.

Sikandar cries and thinks he is responsible for Kulfi. Doctors tell Sikandar that they have lost Kulfi, she isn’t responding. Sikandar tells them that Kulfi can’t die, she has to come back to him. He asks them to treat Kulfi once again, he has a belief that she can’t leave him.

Sikandar emotionally pulls back Kulfi to their world again. Kulfi takes a breath, hearing his emotional song and speech. She gains consciousness. Sikandar calls the doctors fast and asks them to check Kulfi, Kulfi has opened eyes. Doctor checks Kulfi and confirms that Kulfi is alive. Doctors think its a miracle that Sikandar has filled a life in nearly dying Kulfi. Sikandar’s love gets his child back.


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