SHOCKING: Suwarna to threaten Dadi in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Star Yeh Rishta Dadi turns villain for Naira's life

Kartik and Naira have a meet and get into a cute argument once again. Pandit misses Ashi’s kundli by mistake. He thinks of lying to Suwarna about it. He tells his dad about Kartik and Ashi’s kundlis. His dad, also a pandit, tells him that Dadi had also called him to talk about Kartik and Naira. Rukmani wants Dadi to welcome them in the rituals. She asks Goenkas to get dressed accordingly in the Sangeet, as per fairy tale theme. Suwarna wonders where did Kartik go. She thinks of calling him and knowing his schedule. Dadi meets Singhanias and tells them that she has completed her puja. She thinks Kartik has gone to meet Naira, maybe they want to forget the past and reconcile for the sake of the baby. She goes away, leaving the rituals, which upsets Rukmani.

Kartik and Naira get into a super romantic moment and share an eyelock, where their past flashes get in front of their eyes once again. She tells him that there is no one at home and asks him to leave. She doesn’t want anyone to see them together. Kartik wants to make sure that she is safe. The thief calls his friends home. The thieves gang get to see them. Dadi makes a mind to meet Kartik and Naira. Kartik and Naira’s arguments continue. When she gets away, the goons corner her and catch her. Kartik tells her that he isn’t interested in talking further. Naira throws her slipper at Kartik to stop him. He learns that Naira is caught up in big mess. Suwarna gets angry on seeing Naira’s belongings. She hates Naira since she has lost Shubham because of her. She doesn’t want Naira to come back in their lives. Dadi reaches Singhania house, while the thieves lock the door to capture them. Kartik scolds the robbers and asks them to leave Naira.

Naira tells them that they can give assets to the thieves and get free. They both cleverly mock a fight to teach a lesson to the thieves. KaiRa get into a fight with the thieves. Suwarna calls Dadi and asks her not to think about bringing Naira in Kartik’s life again. She threatens of leaving the family if Naira makes a comeback. She tells Dadi that nobody should men Kartik and Naira’s relation. Kartik tells Naira that he has already warned him about the thief, as seen in the video call background. He misses his phone and wonders how to call the police. They recollect a similar incident happened in the past and get a smile on their faces.

Suwarna thinks she has blackmailed Dadi well and now Dadi won’t think of getting Naira home. Dadi worries on Suwarna’s words and leaves from Singhania house. Suwarna gives sweets to everyone to celebrate Ashi’s entry in the family. Kirti confronts her for getting Kartik and Ashi married. Suwarna tells Kirti that Naira is responsible for Shubham’s death and Kartik’s shattering. Kirti scolds her for being selfish and ousting Naira forcefully from their lives. She tells Suwarna that she can just be Shubham’s mum, who is avenging his death with Naira and Kartik too.

She tells Suwarna that Kartik isn’t her son, else she won’t have cared for his happiness. She vents out her frustration on Suwarna. She tells Suwarna that she is doing wrong with Kartik. Suwarna doesn’t change her mind. She asks Kirti to do anything she can. She is adamant to make Ashi a part of the family. She doesn’t leave her adamancy. Kirti tells Suwarna that she isn’t a mum now, Kartik just loves Naira, and can’t be happy with anyone else. Kirti yells at Suwarna and outright refuses to her. Kartik and Naira speak out their suppressed feelings when they fall in trouble. They both realize that they are still husband and wife from heart, even if their minds oppose their relation. Will KaiRa’s love story begin once again in Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet event? Keep reading.

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