Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to blurt out his hatred for IshRa openly

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Parmeet makes a shocking confession

Raman and Ishita follow Parmeet and Simmi to know that are they up to. Simmi worries for Ananya. Parmeet asks Simmi to feed the food to Ananya. He hides the fact that he has poisoned the food. Raman and Ishita track Parmeet and reach the same place. Simmi meets Ananya and gives her some clothes and gifts. She feeds the food with love and tries to bond with her. She doesn’t know about Parmeet’s misdeed. Parmeet hates Raman and Ishita to the core. Raman tells Ishita that Parmeet was aware of them following him and misled them. Ishita tells Raman that Parmeet ordered rat poison with some evil intentions of killing someone. Ananya starts feeling sick after consuming the poisoned food. Simmi worries on seeing her state getting wore. She goes to Parmeet and tells him that Ananya has fainted.

Parmeet asks Simmi if the food was fine. He portrays that Ishita has added something in the food to kill them, as she has made the food for them. Simmi asks him to hurry up and take the girl to the hospital. They get to see Raman and Ishita in the locality. Ishita asks Simmi about the girl. Raman can’t believe that Parmeet kidnapped the girl. Parmeet frames Ishita for making the food for him and adding poison in it. Parmeet tells Simmi that Ishita wanted to kill him, but Ananya is affected by it.

Simmi scolds Ishita for trying to kill Parmeet. She falls in Parmeet’s words again. She asks Ishita why is she taking revenge from them this way. Raman tells Simmi that he has heard Parmeet planning to kill someone. Parmeet argues with them, and aims the gun to freeze them. Simmi tells them that its urgent to take the girl to the hospital to save her life. Parmeet asks Raman and Ishita not to move. Simmi succeeds in taking Ananya with him. Parmeet gets relieved that Simmi left. He pities Raman and Ishita. He shows his true colors. He tells them that Simmi won’t be able to save the girl, the car will break down and Simmi will hate them even more. He blurts out the truth to them.

Ishita asks Parmeet not to take the girl’s life. She requests him to spare the girl. Parmeet tells them that Simmi is seeing her own daughter in that girl, and things will be amazing when the girl dies and Simmi hates Ishita more. He stoops to lower levels. Simmi rushes the girl, while the car breaks down. Simmi worries and tries her best to save Ananya. Raman tells Parmeet that Simmi will hate him when she knows the truth. Parmeet tells them that Simmi is in his total control. Raman beats him in anger and stops him from getting the gun back. Parmeet shoots at Raman and Ishita, but they get saved. Parmeet faints, while Raman and Ishita rush to save the girl. Parmeet sends his aides to frame Raman. Simmi tries to get lift for hospital. Ishita and Raman pray that Simmi saves the girl any how.

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