Jiji Maa: Falguni to spy over Shreya’s past

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

The family gets a huge shock when they learn that Shreya is being tortured by her husband. Falguni doubts on Shreya. She follows Shreya and gets to see Shreya bearing the tortures at her home. She saves Shreya from that man and gets her home. She asks the family to accept Shreya, as Shreya is genuine and didn’t lie about Chiku, they can’t send Shreya and Chiku to that torturing man again.

Shreya’s fiance hurts her in anger because of Chiku. He also gets injured and faints. Shreya rushes to him and does the aid. Shreya shows her big heart. Falguni accepts Suyash’s new relation. She tells him that she will accept his truth and his daughter Chiku. Shreya and Chiku stay with Rawat family. Chiku cries after having a bad dream. She tells Shreya that she has seen Shreya in trouble, the bad uncle was beating him. Shreya tells Chiku that Falguni has saved her from the bad uncle, now no one will trouble them.

Chiku makes a drawing and shows Suyash and Shreya with her. She shows Falguni away from their family. Falguni gets sad seeing the drawing and rushes out of the room. Falguni and Suyash throw a birthday party for Chiku. Falguni wants to ensure that Chiku stays happy, since its her rights to stay with her father Suyash.

Shreya steals some costly antiques. Uttara finds some decorative antiques missing and yells at the servant to know about it. She asks them to find the antiques. Uttara catches Shreya red-handed and checks her bags. She finds the antiques and accuses Shreya for the theft. Falguni supports Shreya, being unaware of her truth.

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