Amyra denies to accept Kulfi in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Amyra dislikes Kulfi

Sikandar learns Kulfi’s truth. He gets stunned seeing her long hair, after removing her hair cap. He blesses Kulfi and gets more emotional. He embraces Kulfi. He sits watching her and recollects the time when Kulfi covered up her truth. He will soon learn that Kulfi is his daughter. The truth starts surfacing in front of him. Mohendar loses courage to tell him entire truth. He prays that Sikandar learns the truth himself. Amyra asks Sikandar did Kulfi get fine. She says Kulfi lied to us, she is a girl, she should get punished for her lie. He explains her that lie told for good, which doesn’t harm anyone, isn’t bad. He tells her that he won’t punish Kulfi, she has tolerated a lot in her life at a young age.

Amyra gets angry on him and asks won’t he get angry on Kulfi, how can he always forgive Kulfi for everything. She says you taught us that lying is bad, Kulfi lied to entire family about her gender, how can you not get annoyed with her.

She wants Sikandar to punish Kulfi for the big lie. She says if you can’t listen to me, its fine, I had a doubt before, now I m sure that you love Kulfi more than me, as if Kulfi is your daughter and I m no one to you. Amyra unknowingly tells the truth, as Kulfi is indeed Sikandar’s daughter, while Amyra isn’t related to Sikandar. Amyra gets jealous and wants Sikandar to scold Kulfi.

Everyone gets happy that Kulfi is out of danger. Kulfi gets conscious. Doctor asks Sikandar to let Kulfi sleep and not talk to her much. Sikandar wonders why did Kulfi lie to him about his gender. Kulfi wakes up and asks Sikandar to get her mum’s potli. Sikandar goes to get Nimrat’s potli, but Bebe stops him for some work. He wants to know the reason why Kulfi lied to them, Sikandar gets close to see Nimrat’s memories and learn the complete truth.


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