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Know Upcoming On Star … Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets worried when he learns about the money needed to bail out Dubey, so that Dubey doesn’t return to jail. He asks Saajan to be with Krishna, till he finds some way. He learns about the wrestling match, where one can get beaten up and receive rewards. He informs Saajan that he is arranging money, and won’t back without the money. He decides to fight the wrester in order to help Krishna and Dubey. The man tells him that he needs to stick inside the wrestling ring if he wants money. Krishna learns about Dubey’s discharge. She doesn’t want her dad to return to hell again. Radhe gets courage seeing Krishna’s photo.

Radhe goes in the ring and gets much beaten up, to pass the time and fulfill the challenge. He risks his life. Krishna rushes to home to plead to Shukla to spare her dad’s life. She accepts her defeat and asks Shukla to help out Dubey. She falls in his feet to beg him. Shukla’s heart doesn’t melt. The family gets sad for Krishna’s sorrow.

He gets settling scores by humiliating Krishna. She tells them that she can’t forget Dubey’s shocking state, he shouldn’t return there again. She asks Shukla to punish her if he wants, but free her dad. Shukla gets happy that he finally showed Krishna her right place. He asks Krishna to obey him as Lord.

Mayavi Maling: Madhumali tells Angad that Pranali has become a demon because of his look alike. Angad yells at her for the deceive. She frees Angad as per her plans and asks him to go for the rituals with Pranali. She tells him that she has done everything for their aim, which he forgot because of Pranali. She asks him to go to Pranali, and not tell about his look alike. She tells him that she has sent his look alike away, as he can’t perform the rituals at the lake. She asks him not to tell Pranali about his look alike, else she will give away her life by shame. Angad meets Pranali and tries to know about the last night. Pranali doesn’t answer him anything. She gets saved by Eshwarya.


Shivika will once again show the power of unity. Shivay prepares for the press conference. Daksh expresses his happiness that Priyanka got totally fine. Shivay tells him that he will punish the wrong-doer for sure. Anika resists Shivay, and tells him that Daksh isn’t right for Priyanka. She asks him to reconsider his thinking and not make such a mistake, which can ruin Priyanka’s life. Daksh gets yelling at Anika for still insulting him and opposing the marriage. He asks Shivay to think for Tia. Shivay tells him that he will manage Tia and also help in finding the culprit. He tells Daksh that he knows the truth now and he doesn’t need to learn anything from Anika.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Ashi’s togetherness and friendship gives happiness to Suwarna, while Naira turns jealous seeing them. Suwarna finds Kartik smiling and thinks he is really happy with Ashi, and Dadi should understand this too. Naira doesn’t take help from Kartik. He thinks why is she always rude towards him. Naksh and Kirti have cute moments of romance. Kirti wishes they have children soon. Rukmani kick starts the Sangeet event and turns into a fairies queen. She plans dance performances and games in the ceremony. Suwarna keeps an eye on Kirti and Dadi, so that they don’t bring Kartik closer to Naira. Kirti and Naksh tell everyone about love, which makes KaiRa think of each other. Kirti tells about a cute surprise for Mansi and Anmol. Naksh-Kirti, Mansi-Anmol plan to get Kartik and Naira on the stage, so that they can dance together.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Simmi gets happy to know that Ananya is out of danger. Raghav’s wife thanks Raman and Ishita for saving her daughter. Parmeet tells them that Simmi has saved the girl. Simmi says Ishita cooked the parathas and filled it with poison to kill the girl. She blames Ishita and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector shows his belief in Raman and Ishita, knowing their past background. He still asks them to come for a meet, since Raghav’s wife has given her statement. Raman and Ishita visit the police station and talk to the inspector regarding the case. Inspector apologizes to them for all the troubles. He tells them about the statement given by Raghav’s wife, who has mentioned about the blackmailer. Inspector tells them that Parmeet is very dangerous, he may kill anyone, he has made someone execute this kidnapping. He makes a plan to trap Parmeet.

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