Suyash and Falguni to take Chiku’s responsibility in Jiji Maa

Big twist in Jiji Maa

Shreya dies in the accident. Chiku feels lonely. Suyash and Falguni stay with Chiky and console her. Falguni recollects the promises she made to Shreya in her last moment and regrets. Suyash manages to cheer up Chiku. Chiku wants all his attention. Chiku blames Falguni for killing her mum. Suyash explains Chiku that its not Falguni’s fault, it was just an accident. Falguni tells Chiku that she had pushed her to save her life, she didn’t intend Shreya to die.

Chiku falls sick. Suyash calls a doctor for her. Falguni gets caring for Chiku. She helps Chiku recover. She is much concerned for Chiku. She caresses Chiku. She tries to get Chiku settle in the family. Suyash stays with Chiku. Chiku asks Suyash to look after her, Falguni isn’t her well-wisher. Suyash is sure that Chiku’s opinion will change with time. They decide to put Chiku in a good school and get her well educated to raise her in a better way. Suyash tells Falguni that they have to love Chiku and fill in Shreya’s place. Falguni wants to become Chiku’s mother.

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