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Know Upcoming On Star… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi stops Suwarna from questioning Kartik and Naira about the pregnancy. Suwarna gets mad knowing Naira is pregnant. Dadi stops her from creating a scene and ruining the family respect. She tells Suwarna that she will decide everything. Naira praises Kartik for the dance moves, but he gets upset thinking that she can’t dance in Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet. When he turns his face away, she feels upset that he is avoiding her. Devyaani suspects on Dadi and Suwarna’s argument. Dadi tells Suwarna that Kartik and Naira are having a child, which is good for their relation and family too. Suwarna doesn’t want Naira to come back in the family. Dadi asks her to talk to Kartik once. Devyaani overhears Dadi and Suwarna’s conversation and learns that Suwarna wants Kartik and Ashi to get married.


Shivay apologizes to Anika, after exposing Daksh. Reporters want to know about Shivay’s big mistake about which he is stating. Anika doesn’t want to tell anyone about their marriage. She keeps Shivay’s respect and doesn’t tell anything about his misdeeds. Daksh tries to run away, but Shivay makes sure that Daksh apologizes. He kicks out Daksh. Daksh gets revengeful and tells Shivay that he will give it back to him soon. Priyanka sheds tears for loving a wrong guy. The family supports Priyanka. She reveals to them that Shivay and Anika told her the truth and gave her courage to take a stand. Shivay and Priyanka praise Anika for helping them and exposing Daksh’s reality.


Mayavi Maling:

Angad reveals the truth of his look alike to Pranali. He tells her that he is extremely hurt knowing she has romanced a stranger, without identifying her husband. He tells how Madhumali held him captive to fulfill her motives, when she has seen him getting away from his aims. He gets angry on her. She clears his doubts and tells him that nothing happened between her and his look alike. He trusts her and gets a big relief that she just loves him. He apologizes to her. He feels happy that Pranali values his love. He confesses love to Pranali. Angad tells her that Madhumali is trying to access the sacred lake of Maling and finish its purity by placing the demonic weapon, which would entitle the lake to Marekeyasur. Everyone stays in peace knowing Angad is not a demon now.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita tells Mihika that baby doesn’t have fever. When Mihika checks the baby’s temperature with the faulty thermometer, she worries that he is having high fever. She tells them that the baby isn’t feeling comfortable with Ishita. Mihika insists that she will take the baby to hospital. Raman asks Ishita to let Mihika take care of the baby, if she wants. Mihika visits the hospital and learns that baby is fine. She returns home and tells the family that everything is fine. Parmeet sends his associate Swati, who claims to have super powers. Mrs. Bhalla falls in the trap. Ishita asks her not to believe such superstitions. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of meeting Swati once to know about the baby’s future. She wants Adi’s child to get blessed by Swati. Parmeet gets happy that his plan is working.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar asks Lovely to express her feelings. He has got engaged to Minty just to get Lovely jealous. He makes excuses and dances with Lovely. Amyra breaks the shocking news of Kulfi’s accident. Lovely learns that Sikandar has mentioned his name as Kulfi’s father. Amyra questions Lovely over Sikandar’s move. Lovely gets speechless. Cutie tries to ask Tevar if he is still after Lovely. Doctor informs Sikandar that Kulfi is fine now. Lovely and family rush to the hospital to meet Kulfi. Sikandar tells them that it was a tough day for him, he has realized Kulfi’s importance, he can’t live without Kulfi. Amyra gets worried for Sikandar. He tells her that he loves her a lot, he is totally fine. Amyra scolds him for not answering Lovely’s calls. She asks him if he doesn’t care for them. Tevar tells Cutie that he has become a rich guy just for Lovely.

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