Piyaa Albela (PicFiction): Pooja and Naren to tackle the evil trio

Pooja finds Naren

Naren gets saved. Pooja and Naren make prayers for the family. They thank the Lord for bringing them together and giving positive hopes again. Naren plays a ghost drama to scare the evil trio, Angraj, Rahul and Surbhi. Naren gets hell bent to expose Angraj’s truth to the family. He believes that Supriya must know the truth. Angraj gets a huge shock when he see Naren’s spirit, who threatens of killing him. Angraj gets Rahul and Surbhi with him to perform a havan to get rid of Naren’s spirit. Naren and Pooja get busy in collecting evidence against Angraj. Pooja gets the vault and alerts Naren. Surbhi asks Rahul how can Naren’s spirit come, when Angraj has buried him, if Angraj is planning this to scare them and get all the property to himself.

She suspects Angraj and instigates Rahul against him. She gets in a dilemma. She tells Rahul that they need the vault before Angraj, else their dreams won’t come true. She doesn’t want the family to know their truth.

Rahul too don’t want to lose his place in family. Angraj finds the vault open. He tells Rahul that he didn’t open the vault. Rahul asks him how can a spirit open the vault by his fingerprints. Rahul also doubts on Angraj and thinks Angraj has open the vault, by keeping the fear of Naren’s ghost. Rahul and Surbhi get spying on Angraj to find the truth. They both think of not believing Angraj further and save themselves first. The confusion between Naren and Angraj goes on. Pooja and Naren smartly overpower the evil trio to win the final game of justice.



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